WELCOME TO THE WEB: A Guide to Some Start Off Points

So you have decided to get with the times and bring your business to the world of the internet. Congratulations! You have taken a huge first step.

So if you are not web savvy, don’t worry! There is help to hand so you don’t get lost in attempting to set up your business web presence. Some decisions are easy, some more complicated, so let’s take a look at what you can do as a start off point.

Be Engaging

Now don’t worry if you are not a writer type when it comes to getting all your knowledge and expertise written down. Chances are, the people you set out to communicate to are not either.

So with that in mind let’s start with the basics of taking your business online. 

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why should people use you?

Now they are three easy questions you can usually answer face to face. From there you can expand on each answer with further answers. Before long you have a structure on exactly what your website needs to say about you.

If in doubt, ask a friend not associated with you to read and understand it. They may be the best feedback you will receive if they can or cannot decipher your terminology.

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Don’t Go for the Bottom Options

Now this is an important one. Once you have registered your domain you are going to need to find a web host. 

Chances are you are going to need to store a lot of data over time and there are a lot of providers online that promise to deliver the Earth for your business. This is where you are going to need to do some independent research. Don’t go for the first sponsored ad that shows up in an online search just because they say they are the best, and don’t go for the cheapest just to save a pound or two.

If you don’t look into product reviews and feedback you could leave yourself open to a web host that has security issues, slow internet speed and even worse, lacklustre response to times your website crashes or goes down for lengths of time.

Pay for security, not the consequences.

Plan Ahead

Do you really know what you want to achieve with your website? 

Do you know what you want it to have other than information about your company?

It may seem pedantic to state, but there are business owners who start a business website and then get stuck when it comes to what they want to say. The goal is sales and client/customer attraction of course, but what else? Are you looking to trade online or are you wanting to be a bit more personal with people and show you and your team? Taking your business online requires good planning.

Take a look at competitor websites and see how they communicate with visiting clients. Maybe they have a chat box or a contact form for people to make enquiries. The days of just having a phone number and email address alone are definitely long gone, so you should plan out exactly what you want the client to see, hear and interact with to best service them.

Get Out There

Linking your website with social media accounts and business groups is what is going to make your business thrive.

Daily posts, blogs and articles relating to your business and industry will give you a highlight for those seeking your skills. Be personal, everyone wants to know who they are talking to is a human being like them.

You can also look at social media and all above being handled by digital agencies who can brand and market as well as provide responsive web design. Agencies such as Stockport web design companies specialise in top quality work in all aspects of the web.

It’s a big brave world you have taken a step into and you need to undertake a lot of further steps to successfully navigate to taking your business online. Good luck and see you in the search results.


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