Temperature Woes: The Problem With Contemporary Style

One of the things that causes a lot of discussion in the interior design world is the regulation or control of home temperature. We all know that contemporary style has brought something to the forefront of the interior decor of all modern homes. It isn’t just the shape and design of a fixture, fitting or furniture that makes something contemporary, but rather the materials that are used also.

Nowadays it’s common to have barstool made completely out of copper, without any cushioning. It’s common to have dining tables that are made out of steel and tempered glass. It’s modern to have cabinets that are made from vinyl and walls that are tiled with ceramic. All these things are great for style and allow contemporary design to flourish.

It’s not just more versatile but more affordable when you have access to more materials. However, when they are not traditional, they will often be colder. Wood is great at capturing heat, so is wool. However, these two materials have lost a bit of their influence in the home.

The Other Large Surface

It’s very easy to get sidetracked and only pay attention to the ceiling and walls of your home. But the other large surface that is the floor plays a huge role in controlling home temperature. On the surface, hardwood flooring is superb when it comes to style and exuberance.

But is it practical?

A carpet or rug would be much better at keeping the home warm and regulating the temperature in each room. Hardwood floors made from oak, beechwood or perhaps walnut tend to be cold almost every single day of the year.  By investing in a good rug that you can pull out of storage during the colder months and lay over your wood or tile floors it will help to help your home stay warm.

Out of Sight … But in Use

Big bulky machines in the home are common but you don’t want them ruining the decor and style of your home either. This is exactly why modern homes come fitted with all the things you need. The oven, washing machine and microwave are usually fitted into one fixture in the wall so the lines of the kitchen are smooth and clean. That’s just one example.

But what about a big AC unit that gives you pleasure in your home by keeping you cool but is hideous to the decor? Call up a renowned air conditioning service that will install a modern AC unit that will be out of sight. This can be fitted in the roof, outside in the garden, in the shed, or purely just outside the back door. It will control the temperature in your home but not break up the style of your home in the process.

Contemporary style is something that we should all appreciate. It has made style much more affordable but with that, comes a cost of some kind. Usually, it’s the lack of temperature control in the home. Glass, metal and synthetic materials just don’t trap heat well, so make some basic changes and you can enjoy contemporary design with the comforts of more traditional home decor.

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