The Perfect Components For That Dream Family Holiday

The Perfect Components For That Dream Family Holiday

As a family that travels quite often we have learnt many tricks of the trade when it comes to making our trips more enjoyable and affordable. Despite having mastered some aspects of travel the one that always gets us is accommodation. Many times one just needs a room to sleep in after a busy day out. The majority of the experiences on any dream family holiday we have had have been extremely positive – including getting a room with a private rooftop terrace at a hostel in Madrid all by chance!

Most of the time though, when we travel as a family we end up in one hotel room with 2 stow away beds, one for the 12 year old and one for the twins to share. Ultimately that ends in one of the twins (or both) squeezing in between us in the middle of the night. There have been those holidays where we have had the convenience of an apart-hotel. But even then we have had to conform to the meal time schedules and even been forced to pay for a sun lounger as soon as we finished laying our towel down.

My Ideal Family Holiday

The one holiday I am looking forward to is the one where each kid gets their own room, and we can all have the flexibility of truly doing what we want, when we want. Don’t tell me the thought of having your own private villa doesn’t sound enticing? Since I believe that we can turn all of our ambitions into reality I started scouring the internet for options that may be available. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the offerings!

There are many intriguing destinations in the world, but one place that I would love to see and experience as a family is Italy. When I think of Italy many of the typical destinations come to mind – Rome, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, etc. Wanting to experience something different, but just as stunning I’ve got my sights set on the gem that is Puglia. If Italy is known as the boot, then Puglia is the heel. And that heel captures authenticity unique to that area of Italy.

The Perfect Components For That Dream Family Holiday 

The Perfect Components For That Dream Family Holiday

My perfect family holiday would begin by checking into a Puglia Villa. I’d begin select a villa with stunning grounds and our own private poolNothing could beat the look on everyone’s faces as they realised that we all have a space to unwind all our own and that as soon as you close the door behind you will have your personal sanctuary. There would be no more paying for a sunbed or coming down early from your room to reserve one for the day. There would be picturesque views, and the an element of truly being part of the country where you’re staying. That’s a great way to begin if you ask me.

Dream Family Holiday: Charming Living Areas 

The Perfect Components For That Dream Family Holiday

I’d follow that with a sitting area perfect for some quality family time or even for a solo nap while everyone else lounges by the pool. I can just picture a family game night as we unwind after a long day. I’d love a living area that looks completely different from what we have at home. One that showcases the charm of the region and makes me truly feel like I’m on a dream family holiday.

A Spacious Kitchen 

The Perfect Components For That Dream Family Holiday

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and why not make that a focal area in your home away from home? Sure, being on holiday I don’t want to spend the time where I could be lounging by the pool in the kitchen. But there’s something about being in Italy that would drive me to make some Italian dishes in an Italian kitchen using Italian ingredients.

With an abundance of olive oil, mushrooms, asparagus, and tomatoes how can you not want to spend some time in the kitchen?

Al Fresco Dining

outdoor made-up dining table.

After cooking up a delicious meal you can’t sit indoors to have it. There’s nothing that gives me that Mediterranean vibe as much as sitting out on the terrace. It reminds me of Spanish summers and gives me that Mediterranean vibe through and through. There’s truly no better way to spend a relaxing holiday than having a swim, then a bite al fresco, followed by a pisolare, or nap.

Tranquil Sleeping Quarters

four poster white bedroom.

After we had gone out to explore one would want to have a good night’s rest. Aside from serving as a place of solitude and peace the purpose of having your own bedroom would be to try to get a good night’s sleep. And with a bed like that it would be hard not to!

My perfect dream family holiday is much more achievable than I had previously imagined. Do you have any experiences with a villa holiday? Do let me know in the comments!

Post in collaboration with James Villa Holidays, as always all thoughts and opinions are fully my own. Images courtesy of James Villa Holidays. 

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