Dance Yourself Healthy: The 5 Benefits Of Dancing


For many individuals, dancing is a social activity that that help them to forget the reality for the duration of a song, whether they choose to dance in a disco bar or with a professional club. There is something about dancing that fascinates. It’s about moving your body to match the movements of the music and maintaining your balance at the same time.

While it is a natural desire for everyone – you have certainly all watched at least one video of a toddler dancing on Youtube, dance requires practice and learning to make the right impression. But there’s more than beauty to dance. There is also a bunch of amazing health benefits that you could be missing out. Today I share with you 5 benefits of dancing. 

Benefits of Dancing: It Burns Calories

There is no denying it: Dancing is not only an art, but it is also a sport. And as a sport, dance can burn just as many calories as you would on the treadmill or in your cycling class. For example, you are expected to burn around 600 calories in a salsa class, while hip-hop dancers report burning 400 to 500 calories per hour. However, the most effective workout is the one you get with Zumba. Dancers can burn fat with Zumba dance workout, up to 800 calories per class. If you are worried about achieving fast results, dancing is the way forward!

It Gives You Beautifully Toned Muscles

The body of ballet dancers has been considered for decades as a piece of art. It is indeed their lean and long muscles that separate them from other professional athletes. More and more individual take up barre classes to tone up their legs and elongate their thigh muscles. Don’t be fooled by the body of a dancer, though. Muscles are very long and thin but they are also extremely strong. Their endurance and performance can be compared in efforts to cyclists and marathon runners.

It Prevents Bones And Joints Problems

Dancing is not only a way to develop your muscles in length. It is a sport that creates movements and intricate figures. As a result, the joints are kept lubricated and flexible, which prevents arthritis in older age. Additionally, the continual movement and flexibility that your body develops can support the absorption of calcium and maintain the bones stronger for longer. Dancing is by far the best preventive activity against osteoporosis.

Benefits of Dancing: It Improves Your Memory

When you dance, you will need to remember patterns and steps. Not only is this proven to visibly improve your memory and prevents degeneration such as Alzheimer’s disease, but dance also has a very positive impact on the brain. Indeed, dancers used a larger portion of their brain as they learn new movements and new ways of coordinating their body. As this keeps the brain active for longer, one of the benefits of dancing is that this also considerably reduces the risks of stroke, dementia, and hemispherical death.

benefits of dancing

It Makes You Happy

Last, but certainly not least,  dancing genuinely makes you happy. It is responsible for gradually elevating your mood by releasing stress hormones and shifting your brain to a different activity. In short, if you are feeling depressed, dancing to your favourite songs is definitely the way to get out of it!

Have you discovered the benefits of dancing?


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