The 6 People You Have to Call When You Are Moving Home

The 6 People You Have to Call When You Are Moving Home

One thing I’ve mastered in my time in the UK is the art of moving home. Moving home isn’t something you should do on your own as it can be quite a stressful time. From moving within the city to moving across the country, both of which I’ve done, getting a helping hand can ensure that you find the best property and have a successful moving day. In this post I want to share with you the 6 people you have to call when you are moving home to make things easier. 

Estate agents

Estate agents help to market properties more effectively. Whilst they do ask for a commission, they can help expose your property to more buyers. Agencies can also be used to find new properties both to sell and to rent. Often agents won’t charge the buyer, only the seller. On top of standard estate agents outlets, there are also online agencies and listings sites such as RightMove that are worth looking into. I’ve used RightMove for all but one of my moves and I always found the perfect home on their site. 

Mortgage brokers

This only applies if you’re buying a property. Shopping for mortgages can be complicated and often it can be worth hiring a broker to help you find the best deal suited to your needs. Mortgage brokers can help you find the cheapest rates or help find a mortgage for a specialist property. Some brokers may even have good relations with various lenders, opening up new mortgage deals that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get on your own.


This again only applies to homebuyers. Conveyancers are solicitors that handle all the paperwork when moving home. This paperwork can be complex and any mistake can be costly, so it’s worth always handling a solicitor. As with agents you can often negotiate pricing.


Surveyors can check a property to make sure that no costly repairs are around the corner. Whilst they do charge for their services, you could save money in the long run by getting a property surveyed before moving in. Surveyors can also be used before selling a property to notify you of any renovations worth making that could up the value of your property.


It can be worth hiring cleaners when moving home to take away from the stress of moving. In many cases cleaning may need to be done to a certain standard as part of a policy with a landlord or estate agent. Companies such as Whizz Bond Cleaners can help specialise in cleaning up your property for the next person. From experience I truly recommend this if you don’t want to end up parting with your deposit due to the ridiculous rules set by estate agents. 

Moving companies

Whilst you can hire a van yourself, it can often be worth investing in a house removals company, especially for larger moves. They will be able to transport all your belongings more quickly and efficiently. They may also be able to handle heavy or fragile objects. Some moving companies will provide cardboard boxes and other equipment to help with the move.

These companies can be worth looking out for as they truly do make everything simpler. It can cost a pretty penny, just as it did for us when we moved from Cambridge to Preston, but it’s a duty worth delegating. We were satisfied that we hired a company that offered removals in Cambridge. The wisest thing to do is to compare removal quotes to ensure you get the best deal!

What are your top tips for moving? Do let me know in the comments.

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