The Benefits of Adding Rooflights to your Home

We are all constantly on the lookout for improvements we can make to our homes. I don’t think anyone is ever truly finished making little, or big changes, here and there around the house. It’s a very natural thing to do. You can easily think of your home the same way O. Henry thought about New York – “It’ll be a great place if they ever finish it.” Our homes are continually changing with things being added and taken away. 

When you add features to your home, you often think ‘How did I manage without this?’ One feature which is becoming increasingly popular in homes of all sizes is rooflights. There are a number of benefits of adding rooflights to your home, and I’m going to list some of them in this post.

Increased natural light 

The main benefit to adding a rooflight is the increased levels of natural light you can bring into a room. Particularly during the summer months, this can reduce your reliance on electricity to light a room. By reducing the amount of time you have lights switched on in your home, you can also save money on your electricity bills. 

There are other benefits to increased natural light in your home. Research has shown increased levels of natural light can help people be more productive, along with being happier and calmer. If you have a home office, adding a rooflight could be a great idea. Rooflights also work really well to light stairways, which can be naturally quite dark areas of the home. If you have a loft conversion, adding rooflights to the space can make the room feel more spacious as you can get great views along with natural light. 

Ventilation and temperature control 

Not only can adding a rooflight reduce your energy consumption for lighting a room, but it can also reduce the energy needed to control the temperature. Particularly during the summer months when your home can get very warm due to the insulation necessary to keep heat in during the winter, rooflights can act as a great source of fresh air and ventilation. 

Hot air rises, so having somewhere for the heat to go will allow you to control the temperature of the room better. This can also work really well in a kitchen and can be used all year round when the room gets too hot during cooking. 

Rooflights: benefits of adding rooflights.

Access a flat roof 

If you have a flat roof, installing a rooflight which opens fully to allow you access to the roof could be a great addition to your home. Flat roofs are notorious for things getting stuck in them and being difficult to reach if you have a large area which is flat. By installing a rooflight which can fully open, you will be able to access the roof of your home from the inside. If your house is a two-story building, this represents a much safer way onto the roof than using a ladder on the outside of the building. 

Have you have installed rooflights in your home? If so, let me know what you think the benefits of adding rooflights are in the comments below!


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