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The change of the seasons has always inspired me to make changes in my life. From decluttering, to seeking out new hobbies, and some changes that are a bit more drastic, like moving. I’m moving into a new flat this weekend and one of my favourite parts about moving is decorating a new home.

The transitional seasons are usually my favourite so when Fenetic Wellbeing, who specialise in providing cosy and practical solutions for people with varying mobility needs, asked me to share my best in autumn comforts, I couldn’t say no. With the temperatures dropping and the days getting shorter it’s time #RelaxandRecline with my autumn home comforts must haves.

Autumn Home Comforts: A Cosy Place to Sit

What’s the best way to enjoy autumn? Well, there are many. Lounging about in Autumn is all about getting cosy and spending quality time with your loved ones or even just using your free time to catch up on a new book. The best way to do this, and the best place to do this is to snuggle up in a comfy place. A good recliner is perfect for any room of your home – from your living room to your bedroom.

I’ve spotted these two seasonal recliners from Fenetic Wellbeing that are a perfect autumn addition to my home. The riser recliners in 2 different shades of pink are perfect for those days when you are so cosy that you feel a nap coming on. If sitting down to nap isn’t your thing the gorgeous mauve recliner (upper left hand of collage) can easily be converted to near horizontal position to help you totally up your napping game.

I happen to love big cosy chairs and sofas, but if you are more of a lover of petite then the beautiful light pink Pride Petite riser recliner can do the job just as well.

Autumn Home Comforts: Candles & Soft Lighting

Candles and soft lighting go hand in hand with autumn home comforts and cosy nights for me. From the flickering of a flame to the warmth of a lamp the lighting that one introduces into a room can create the ambience that you are looking for. Scent is also a huge part of that which is why I love to scatter candles throughout my home, and Yankee Candles are a firm favourite to bring in a season scent. You can’t go wrong with a nice candle or a good lamp.

Hot Drinks & Hot Soups

From stews to soups all forms of hot liquids are pretty much liquid gold during the cooler months. As soon as the weather starts getting colder I must have a hot cuppa as part of my late afternoon ritual. Hot chocolate is a close contender and is perfect for cosying up movie nights or a frigid morning.

The slow cooker is also a must in my home during autumn. You chuck all of your favourite ingredients into it in the morning and as soon as you walk in your door in the evening you are greeted with a whiff of deliciousness that just screams autumn!

Watch Some Good TV

I’m not even sorry about watching TV. I know lots of people are now on some sort of anti-TV mission, but why would you forgo such a commodity?! I am hooked on Netflix and find that as soon as the weather gets colder my autumn and winter nights turn into Netflix binge sessions.

I’m not the only one, right? My current favourites and the programmes that you must watch if you haven’t already are – Gypsy, House of Cards, Bloodline, and of course, Narcos. Throw your suggestions my way as I’m always in the market for a good Netflix show.

Curl up with a Book 

Another of my favourite things to do year round, but particularly during the cooler months is snuggle up with a good book. I have recently read “A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding” – which is a tale of a Japanese woman who tries to rebuild her life post-Nagasaki. I highly recommend this book. It is beautifully written, and the tale is a gripping one that you will never expect is coming.

It’s hauntingly beautiful and a review is coming soon. What I’m currently reading is the tale of former beauty editor Cat Marnell. She narrates her story in a genuinely gripping way. Between the glamour of the glossy magazine pages and the NYC nightlife you will find a story about drugs, pill popping, and chaos – all told in such a snarky and matter of fact way that you feel as if it’s coming from your best friend.

Do my autumn home comforts differ a lot from yours? What’s on your list of must haves? Do let me know!

in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing
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