Finding the Best Luxury Tops for your Wardrobe.

The weekend has arrived, the plans have been made and you are starting the process of getting ready for a night out with the girls. The bathroom is steamed up from being in there for hours, your hair is blow-dried and the face has been put on, au-natural but clearly not. The last part of the journey comes with dressing up in one the best luxury tops. My favorite.

You have chosen carefully what you are going to wear, even tried it on a few times to ensure the look is what you want to portray, and it’s finally the debut evening, yay. 

Wearing new clothes in itself is always such a fresh, clean feeling, knowing you are emerging like a butterfly from the cocoon of your old wardrobe and trying something new, this is elevated when the clothes are tailored and fit like a glove in all the right places. Watch out world, Mama is back in business, or so my inner diva says.

For the ultimate wardrobe upgrade, a few luxury pieces are always key, timeless and classic. Not sure where to start, but visit sites like for a helping hand in choosing fewer but better items, suited for all occasions and that can be dressed up and down as your schedule allows.

5 Benefits of dressing well 

  • Self-worth. You start giving off the impression that you do care about yourself, your clothes fit better, your new haircut and style are adding to the look and suddenly people start treating you differently. They see you mean business, you know how to handle yourself and no-one is going to stand in your way. Yes, please.
  • Impression. The old saying ‘first impressions last’ is so true, dressing a certain way when meeting people for the first time tends to imprint in their minds the lifestyle you lead, the way you live and possibly your type of personality. It might not be the right one so make it count.
  • Respect. We all know that showing up for the interview dressed in a suit compared to a jumper and jeans combo is going to give you the upper hand in landing the position. When you dress with respect you’re more than likely going to get it in return, and this just makes the world a whole lot nicer to be in.
  • Know what you want. You don’t need to spend hours window shopping or browsing through racks to find something to suit you when you know what works and your style you go to where you know and get the job done right the first time.
  • Partner. This goes without saying that we are drawn to the finer things in life, this is true when it comes to finding our other halves. Seeing someone dressed well gives the idea of a put-together organized individual who we don’t mind spending our lives with. 

So many reasons from confidence to values, all worth a mention but for another time and article, and when you a moment, read this piece and see all the reasons why the best luxury tops can make your day.

best luxury tops: brass hangers in wardrobe

What to look for when it comes to choosing quality clothes?

There are a few simple tricks to look for when opting for clothes that will last longer than a few weeks or wears, let’s discuss some of them. 

My pet peeve is zips, I struggle with kids’ clothes who for me have cost a few pennies but then they lack the quality and robustness needed for the life of a kid? Look for zips made of metal, they stay on the tracks, can handle the wrestling and running of a boy who can’t sit still and won’t snap off anytime soon.

I used to not enjoy seeing these, but they make sense as I’ve gotten older and I’m hoping wiser. But spare buttons are not only handy as kids tug on clothes non-stop. But it shows that the designer expects the item to last a while and could need a new button for some of the best luxury tops from time to time.

Fabric and stitching might sound a bit uppity, but natural fibers which have been sewn well prevent the unwanted fraying and loose threads from happening, this for sure will lower the look of the product even if it does cost an arm and a leg.

Click here for more tips and tricks of a quality product and make sure to consider these when making those quality purchases that will stand the test of time, or at least a few years and stop your purse from crying every few months.

Clothes and garments have been around for centuries and certainly evolved as the years pass by. But quality never goes out of fashion. When it comes to the best luxury tops can change the way you wear outfits for the rest of your life. Choose less, but choose well.


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