Learn About The Best SARMs For Muscle Growth

Nowadays, performance-enhancing drugs are extremely popular. Athletes across the globe use them in order to get a chance to be the best they can be. And they show to have some significant benefits for overall strength and endurance.

One of the well-known supplements is the selective androgen receptor modulator drug. Those drugs are more conveniently called SARMs. You can find all the details about them by visiting online sites like https://anabolicsteroiddrugs.com/sarms/, while I will go through some of the best SARMs for muscle growth you can use for the growth of your muscles. So, let’s get started.

Andarine S4

Andarine was developed to be used in the treatment of osteoporosis and muscle wasting. It has quickly shown to have some properties that help build the muscle, improve bone density, as well as trim your fat. It is one of the most popular SARMs out there, which proved to be highly effective.

Although I have said that it can help reduce fat, keep in mind that this is not its primary function. Building lean muscle, on the other hand, is what Andarine is known for. It is highly effective and leads to some fast results.

Of course, keep in mind that this is not a steroid and neither is any other SARM. That means that you should not expect a miracle time-wise. Bulking up takes a lot of effort and Andarine is not some magic pill that will turn you into Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) in no time. Learn more.


It is speculated that YK11 might just be one of the most powerful SARMs for muscle growth. It works by increasing follistatin, which is an active-binding protein responsible for enhancing growth and helping you bulk up. By directly influencing follistatin, the compound will be able to bring results more rapidly.

On the opposite side, there is myostatine, which essentially inhibits muscle cell growth. YK11 is known to block myostatine from doing that. This gives you even greater chances of a building your muscles quickly and efficiently.


Known as Ligandrol, this SARM is also quite popular on the market. People who have used it claim that only a small dosage is necessary for seeing great results and gaining lean muscle mass. It increases your strength and gives you more power and stamina to endure some intense training sessions.

Learn more about LGD-4033: https://secec.org/lgd-4033-ligandrol/

When it comes to side-effects, all SARMs, including this one, are known not to have serious consequences for your health. This is what makes them a great alternative to steroids. Of course, as I have already mentioned, they might not be as powerful as steroids, but still, your health is in question.

RAD 140

Testolone, or RAD 140, is by far the most prevalent SARM today. It is used all around the world and its popularity never ceases. We cannot help but wonder what it is that makes this drug so special. Why does it stand out from the crowd?

When it comes to raw strength and lean muscle, nothing appears to be more impressive than RAD 140. This is a compound that is almost unsurpassed when building mass is in question. Highly powerful and potent, it will leave you astounded by the easiness of bulking up and the speed with which this can be achieved.


Also known as Stenabolic, SR9009 does wonders for your endurance and performance. It is called “exercise in a bottle”. I suppose that nick-name speaks for itself. Your stamina will be through the roof with this compound.

In addition to providing you with extra stamina that helps you perform harder workouts, SR9009 is also extremely effective in building muscle mass, just like all of the above mentioned. However, this one comes with a difference.

Stenabolic is known to help people reduce body fat and, consequently, lose weight. I know we are talking about muscle growth here. But, I am sure you know that removing excessive fat also helps you with shaping and chiseling your body.

What’s more, this is not the only use of Stenabolic. Apart from bodybuilding and weightlifting, this drug has found its way to some other areas. It seems that people are using it to promote their overall wellbeing (check this out) regardless of workouts and trainings.

ACP 105

ACP 105 might not be as potent as the SARMs I have mentioned above. Still, that doesn’t stop it from helping you achieve your aim. As well as the other compounds, it increases your stamina and proves highly beneficial in growing your muscles.

Furthermore, the best SARMs for muscle growth help you recover quickly after workouts, or after injuries. Essentially, even though it might not be as potent as some other drugs, it definitely shows quick results. If you use it carefully and properly, you will be able to see the progress even after the first week or two.


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