The Best Tips for Dating a Police Officer

Have you always wanted to try dating a police officer? Plenty of individuals are appealed by men and women wearing a uniform and serving the law. However, dating a cop requires a lot of patience, understanding, and support due to the nature of their job. These professionals work odd hours and put their lives on the line on a daily basis. 

Accepting to date a policeman/policewoman means being comfortable with spending alone time and worrying whenever your loved one goes to work. It also means being creative when it comes to organizing date nights at unusual times of the day.

These tips will help you date a cop successfully. 

Look for Single Policemen

If you’ve always dreamed of dating a police officer, the initial step towards fulfilling your dream is looking for single policemen/policewomen. Nowadays, there are special police dating sites designed for individuals whose wish is to have a cop for a boyfriend/ girlfriend. After finding such sites online, you’re expected to create an account on at least one website or application. 

Additionally, some police dating sites allow individuals to make free accounts, whereas others charge for subscriptions. Once you create an account, you’re supposed to start browsing through the plethora of profiles in search of an appealing profile. Don’t hesitate to send a message to the cops you find attractive in order to become aquatinted with them better.  

Those who aren’t fond of online dating should try meeting policemen in person by becoming a regular visitor of the coffee shops and bars nearby the local police station. You’d have to visit these cafes more than several times in order to keep track of the cops going there before or after their shift. Over time, it’ll become easier for you to start a conversation with the one you fancy.

Another effective method of meeting police officers is becoming a member of your neighborhood watch program. Make sure you visit this page to learn more practical tips for dating a cop. It’s never too late for you to take interest in the safety of your neighborhood by attending regular meetings with community members and the police.

These community meetings are a perfect opportunity for you to get acquainted with local police officers, as well as get noticed by some of them.

dating a police officer

Make the first move

The moment you meet a policeman you seem to like, waste no time on gathering the courage to make the first move. It’s essential to use every opportunity that presents itself to commence a conversation. In order for the conversation to run smoothly, you need to ask the right questions related to his job, hobbies, and interests. 

Nevertheless, you aren’t supposed to be the only one struggling to keep the conversation alive. The police officer should be equally interested in learning about your lifestyle. In case the interest is mutual, the following step should be exchanging your phone numbers in order to keep in touch with the policeman. 

After spending a particular period of getting to know each other, it’s time to break the ice by asking the police officer on a date. The invitation doesn’t have to be direct but spontaneous, such as inviting him to an art gallery opening or for a walk in a park at the weekend. 

Try to keep his/her attention

Being in a relationship with a cop doesn’t mean you should become negligent about following the law. On the contrary, you’re expected to adhere to the law more than ever in order not to involve your partner in an uncomfortable position. You can’t expect your boyfriend/girlfriend to save you from paying parking and speeding tickets just because you’re in a relationship with a member of the police force. 

Another way to keep the interest of policemen in a relationship is by taking care of your physical health and diet. Make sure you join the fitness training of your boyfriend/girlfriend as frequently as possible, a minimum of three times weekly. See the following link,, for some handy tips about improving your fitness. 

Moreover, partners of cops are expected to be good listeners and supporters. Considering the stressful nature of their job, it’s no wonder they feel stress circulating through their bodies long after their shift is finished. 

When you notice symptoms of stress in your partner, make sure you show compassion and support. Always spare time to listen to his/her stories, show appreciation, and relieve the burden he’s carrying. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be persistent when he/she refuses to share details about his/her cases due to signing a confidentiality agreement. It doesn’t mean your partner has no trust in you, but the law prevents him/her from disclosing confidential information. 

Adapt to his/her job

Partners of police officers need to be highly flexible when it comes to their schedules. Your boyfriend/girlfriend will work day shifts, night shifts, at weekends, and on holidays. Therefore, you should be prepared to spend a significant amount of alone time without complaining about it. 

Furthermore, due to their weird work schedule, you’ll have to be inventive as far as dates are concerned. For instance, instead of dinner, you’ll often see your boyfriend/girlfriend for breakfast following their nightshift. Also, you’ll get used to celebrating anniversaries and holidays earlier or later than usual. 

Being independent is an indispensable aspect of dating a cop given the time you’ll be spending alone. Meeting with your friends, going to book club meetings, jogging in the park, or hiking are some of the activities and hobbies you’re advised to do when feeling lonely. 

Ultimately, individuals dating police officers shouldn’t be overly concerned with the safety of their partners. Instead of allowing negative thoughts to overwhelm you, get in touch with a friend, or go for a walk whenever you feel anxious and worried. 

Final word

Dating a police officer requires sacrifices but it’s worth the effort. It’s a different kind of relationship than those you’ve had so far.

You’ll feel safe and protected at all times!


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