The Best Types of Flooring for Each Style of Décor

The enthusiasm that we get when redecorating a room in our house is usually reserved for what I like to call “the fun pieces”. I’m talking about furniture, lighting, and those little details that make all the difference. It’s fun showcasing your style and personality through your décor. But did you know that flooring matters? Each style of décor has a way of standing out based on the individual aspects of it – but if you close your eyes and visualise you’ll realise that the flooring matters a whole lot. From a plush carpet to a simple wood floor you’ll see in this post that flooring does matter and find the best types of flooring for each style of décor.

Couple style with the practical need to flooring that meets the requirements of the room and you have a bespoke option for your home. Colour, the height of the carpet pile, the finish of your tile flooring and the list goes on. These are things to consider that are essential to find the best flooring style for each room.

Posh & plush

Some of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram are interiors accounts. And out of those interiors accounts I have a preference. You know, the ones that have a gorgeous monochromatic silver/grey look. Those that have immaculately decorated sitting rooms and the dreamiest of bedrooms. Well one thing that you will see that those rooms have in common is that the carpet is the star of the show! The carpet is usually a solid colour, wall to wall, and it has a carpet pile height that makes it look and feel luxurious. Those carpets are absolutely perfect in complementing the cool greys by adding warmth that can some times be lacking in this style of décor.

Boho Chic

The woods, the warmth, this is actually my favourite of the styles that I am writing about today. Honestly, this is so me and it’s kind of what I am trying to achieve. When I think of bohemian décor what comes to mind actually begins with the floor. That warm wood flooring is the base where one can build this style. The versatility in types of flooring for boho chic décor is ample. Depending on the room and your particular brand of bohemian style you can layer your rugs or even opt to go rug free. If rug free is your style then go for it! Your room can either have laminate wood flooring or can even have old wood floors with character.

If colour and texture is more your style then complement the room with cosy rugs. They can not only bring out the warmth of the room in terms of it’s colours but that can give it actual warmth in the colder months without losing style. If you opt for different layers and textures you can give your room a look unique to your home.

minimalist living room

Sleek and Minimal

Minimalism is extremely popular and one of the popularities of minimalism includes the omission of fabrics. In my experience you’ll see that the first sign is a tiled floor. Sure, any of the flooring options mentioned may be a necessity dependent on climate. But most minimalists choose to go with a light coloured tile that is sleek and that allows the exposed brick or even the city views to be the focus.

If you are doing up your house or even a room in it I hope that you have seen how important the types of flooring are. The flooring can be the best starting to point to give your home the foundation. If you get the foundation right it will be simple to build on it and truly express your style!

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