The complete guide to Yoga mats

Yoga is a popular practice used widely to help us clear our minds and exercise our bodies. Whether you go to a yoga studio or practice yoga in the comfort of your own home you are sure to use and see yoga mats being used widely. But what do you really need to know about yoga mats? We have created the complete guide to yoga mats to help you understand what you need to look for, how to care for your yoga mat, and so much more. Read on to get acquainted and find out all you need to know with our guide to yoga mats.

Why use a yoga mat?

Yoga mats are an essential part of practicing yoga and can even used for regular stretching exercises. From giving you the personal space that you need to do yoga to providing a safer way to practice you should definitely invest in a yoga mat. When you do look for a mat there are quite a few things to look for.

What should you look for in a yoga mat?


The thickness of your yoga mat is an essential part in giving you the comfort that your body needs. The average thickness of a yoga mat is normally between half an inch to an inch thick. If you feel you need more support you can go for a yoga mat that is up 1.5 inches in thickness. But it isn’t recommended that you go for more thickness than that.

If you are a plus-size person you may think that you need a thicker yoga mat that the above mentioned, but at that point consider focusing on other aspects of the mat other than the thickness, like the overall size, for example.


The material of your yoga mat is also a crucial component. There are various types of materials that are used, with PVC being a popular kind. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly approach consider recycled rubber, jute, and even cotton alternatives.


The texture of your yoga mat is an important factor when it comes to finding the best yoga mat. The more grip your yoga mat has the more options you have for the type of yoga you can do on it. The raised bumps you find on this type of mat can help you keep steadier and ensure you don’t slip about on your mat.

Find a yoga mat for your type of yoga

You may need to consider the specific type of yoga you practice when you are looking for a yoga mat. If your type of yoga is hot yoga then you need to focus on a mat that is less slippery and has more grip. This is necessary due to the moisture and slippage you may encounter. For your safety and enjoyment consider a mat that is made of a more natural material as they are more absorbent.

What’s your budget?

When it comes to athletic equipment a yoga mat is certainly in the more affordable part of the spectrum. The prices for yoga mats can range between between £5 – £150. Quite the range I know! While you may be tempted to go for either extreme, neither of those options are necessary.

It’s said that focusing your budget between the £40 – £75 range, will give you a yoga mat that is a good investment and good for your healthy and safety, too. Think of a yoga mat as an investment and you will see that it is much better to spend a reasonable price as a one-off than having to replace cheap mats annually or even sooner.

guide to yoga mats. Woman doing yoga.

Where will you do yoga?

Will your yoga be done in a yoga studio, at home, or out in nature? These are things that need to be part of the consideration when it comes to buying your next yoga mat.

If you are going to be transporting your mat to and from a studio or a park a lightweight option is best. If you prefer to do your yoga at home, then don’t focus on the weight of the mat.

Another thing to consider is how to transport your yoga mat. If you are going to be driving to your destination to do yoga then a strap should suffice. But if you are going to take public transportation try to consider the ease of transfer and the hygienic factor, too.

When it comes to yoga focus on what works for you. The practical things are very important. But you can also get a yoga mat that is your style. Consider getting yourself a yoga mat that is cute! Did you know you can buy a yoga mat with a design printed on it? You can, and this is a cute way to personalise your yoga ritual.

There you have it! I hope our complete guide to yoga mats helps you find the best option for you!

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