The Elements Of Confidence Rarely Spoken About

Confidence is an important part of feeling like yourself, and being a better and more actualized person. Some seem to start life with a total abundance of this, while others may have very little self-esteem due to a combination of self-critical attitudes and experiences they have had to endure, usually during childhood development. 

However, there are even more elements of confidence that are actually rarely spoken about. We know that exercise, meditation, positive self-talk and following our goals can help us dramatically, but sometimes, all of that needs to rest on a more solid foundation before you can begin. Some call this Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, as this famous pyramid articulates the need for our baser instincts to be provided for, such as shelter, before we can ever feel whole enough to focus on something less permanent.

Let us consider what some of these essential things are, in order to help you get them right. We only hope reading these words can lead you on the path to further confidence:

Financial Wellbeing & Maintenance

Financial wellbeing and maintenance is often a great precursor to confidence. What does that mean, entirely? Does it mean you need to have thousands upon thousands saved in teh bank before you’re to expect any sense of comfort and financial security? Of course, that’s not the case. However, being careful with your money, keeping track of your finances, and being frugal to the extent that you can will all help you feel as though what you do earn is enough.

This can help you avoid the great unknown of the financial void, which is being out of touch with your books. Additionally, you may decide that this heightened awareness can open up new routes for you, such as Car Synergy finance options, helping you get the model you truly hope for. 


There’s one thing that can help you feel confident like no other, and that’s being good at something. Think about it. You might not have the best clothing in the gym, or the coolest headphones, or access to the best supplements. But if you head to the gym and beat your previous day’s effort, and move towards your goals, you are becoming more competent. That’s all. It’s the difference between someone who lifts weights in joggers and a t-shirt and a $400 set of activewear. Which one wishes to get better the most? It can be hard to tell, but in this light, competence will be a deciding factor.


Let us say you attend a convention. A sportsperson is there who you idolize and really want to meet. Often, you are so interested in this one-time opportunity that any real anxiety you may otherwise fear doesn’t hold you back as strongly. Think about it, when you’re truly interested in something, do you have time to worry about it? Or do you delve further into the topic? It’s this little insight that can help you structure your life around the things that truly sustain you.

With this advice, you’re certain to care for the elements of confidence rarely spoken about.


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