The Essential Guide to CBD and CBD Products

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CBD has become a buzzword for years now, and there is so much information that is readily available discussing its benefits. If you aren’t sure about the benefits of CBD or if it can work for you then do have a read of this useful post that will be your essential guide to CBD and CBD products,

What is CBD? 

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a natural chemical compound from the hemp that’s become famous in the UK in the last few years for its calming and relaxing effects on the mind and body. It’s the new supplement to have in your routine to help you find your zen, especially during these times like the ones we are living in. 

What are the benefits of CBD

With holistic health growing, CBD has become a popular ingredient to incorporate daily. It’s one of the best natural ingredients to help soothe daily stress and anxiety. It also has anti-inflammatory properties: using CBD as skincare can really help with daily redness and flare-ups due to inflammation. Used on the body, it can very easily be used to help with relief.

If you’re not sleeping well, adding CBD to your bedtime routine can help a lot. CBD can relax your body and mind for better and deeper sleep. Just like any other food supplement, CBD needs to be added to a healthy lifestyle and is not a replacement for any treatment or medication. As you can see, you can use CBD so many ways and in so many formats, and even opt for purchasing Wholesale CBD Edibles to make sure you never run out.

How is CBD made? 

CBD comes in many forms, products and strengths. That’s the great thing about it, everybody is different so it only makes sense that we all take CBD differently. 

There are three types of CBD: 

  • Isolate, which will result in neutral tasting products, or can be added to edibles without altering the taste
  • Broad-spectrum, which contains other active components to enhance the effects of CBD (it’s called the entourage effect) 
  • Full-spectrum, which is essentially the same thing as broad-spectrum, only with THC. This one can’t be bought in the UK as a food supplement. 
The Essential Guide to CBD and CBD Products

The different ways to take CBD 

  • CBD Oil

CBD oil is so popular because it’s easy to take and absorbs the best. After taking CBD oil, it will only take 20 minutes to half an hour to have its first effects on your body and mind.The best place to start is with a tasteless CBD oil, which makes it very easy to take leave under the tongue or to simply drop in your food. 

  • CBD Capsules 

Capsules are becoming more and more popular and are perfect with your other morning vitamins. With the amount of CBD you take is already pre-dose, this is a fuss-free way of taking the right amount of CBD. The main difference between oils and capsules is that capsules take longer to have an effect and due to digestion, some of the CBD is not completely absorbed by the body. 

  • CBD Gummies 

The innovative and fun way to take CBD. CBD edibles and gummies make it completely painless and easy to take CBD. Just like capsules, they’re already pre-dosed and most importantly, they’re delicious. CBD gummies, CBD mints or CBD chocolate… they’re the ideal way to microdose CBD and to also enjoy a sweet snack midday. CBD Edibles also contain botanicals and adaptogens that will support the CBD, as well as enhance the effects of the product you’re taking. They’re also super convenient to take on-the-go, if you’re travelling, it’s the way to go! 

  • CBD Creams and Balms

CBD creams can be used if you’re dealing with muscle pain or slow recovery after a workout. Applying a cream will target the area directly and soothe tension within minutes. These often contain other ingredients like magnesium or arnica, which are amazing for muscles. 

  • CBD skincare

CBD beauty products are the newest beauty trend hitting the shelves. If you have inflammation, incorporating CBD in your skincare routine could help if you’re dealing with redness and appearing flare-ups. There’s no miracle skincare ingredient and no one’s claiming that CBD will change your skin overnight, but if you use it everyday, you might start seeing results.

Where can you buy CBD in the UK 

Buying CBD in the UK can be quite confusing, especially online when you’re a first-time buyer. If you search for ‘CBD oil’ online, don’t make the mistake of buying from the first link you’ll find. When doing your research, you want to be able to know: 

  • The type of CBD used 
  • The amount of CBD in the product
  • That there’s no THC in the product 
  • If there is a Certificate of Authenticity available

Make sure you’re buying your products from a brand or retailer that is trusted, always feel free to ask questions about the products to make sure you’re getting the best one. Finding the right product for you can be quite confusing, so it’s always great to know there’s someone on the other end who’s able to give all the answers to your questions. At TheDrug.Store, we strive to be transparent and honest with our customers, as well as be able to inform them about the products and what could help them. 

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