The Great British Seaside (And Other Places) By Bike


Holidays are in full swing at the moment, and most of us are wishing and wanting to go abroad. The reality is that holidays right at the peak of summer can be quite expensive. With the rise of popularity of staycations, you don’t need to go away from the British Isles to enjoy a great holiday. There are ways to keep costs down and still have an awesome time. One of those is by going on a bike holiday to the great British seaside.

Great British Seaside: Types Of Holiday

A biking holiday can be anything you want it to be. For the purists, it means planning a route and setting off with the minimum of luggage and your bike. You can decide where to stay on route. If you’re going for the whole experience, you may want to camp. Most people combine their biking tours. If they’re camping, they often travel by car and then take the bikes with them. Or they alternate between bike and train journeys. Anything goes.

There are many advantages of arranging a bike tour. It’s one of many great ways to save money but still have fun. It also allows you to appreciate the scenery from a unique perspective. Imagine riding down coastal roads along the great British seaside, with the breeze sweeping off the ocean. Or, riding through winding country lanes, flanked by fields of rapeseed. You’re completely unplugged, and it’s just you and the open road.

What You Will Need

You don’t need much for a biking holiday. The main thing will be your bike of course. Ensure it has been serviced and is in top condition. You will also need a safety helmet and clothing to wear while on your bike. Comfortable but protective clothing is ideal.

You will also need a sturdy rucksack to carry with you. Pick a bag that is comfortable, robust, and lightweight. Your back will thank you for it. A puncture repair kit is also a good idea.
Before you leave, set up some bike insurance. Use a bike insurance comparison chart to get the best cover. Many policies provide cover for multiple bikes, which is necessary if you’re travelling with the family.
Other than that, your packing will depend on where you’re staying and whether you’re camping, etc.

Places To Visit

If you have the kit, the next step is to plan your route. There are lots of great locations that can be enjoyed by bike.

If you enjoy the seaside, take the route from Holyhead to Chester. It’s 105 miles and will take roughly three days. During your journey, you will take in the beautiful Welsh coast. You will see Llandudno’s stunning Victorian promenade and enjoy the backdrop of Snowdonia.

For a shorter route, try the Forest of Dean. The forest covers 27,000 acres of woodland, and there are many cycle trails to follow. The best time to visit is during spring when bluebells can be found in abundance.

And for something a little bit different, try Bath’s Two Tunnels Circuit. This is a 13-mile family-friendly route. You will take in Bath’s icons tunnels, the Dundas Aqueduct and Midford Castle. Part of the journey is alongside the beautiful River Avon.

Wherever you decide to go, you will experience the great British seaside in a fresh and exciting way. Yes, it’s tiring and tough at times. But you’ll push through that take on the challenge. There’s nothing quite like a cycling tour.

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