The Importance of a Solid Foundation for a Garden Building

The Importance of a Solid Foundation for a Garden Building

Many homeowners are discovering the many benefits a summer house in the garden provides, and one aspect of the structure is support, which means there must be a suitable base in place. Like any free-standing structure, a garden building like a summer house needs a solid concrete foundation and the specifications would very much depend on the size and weight of the building.

Concrete – The Best Solution

The ideal base for summer houses would be a concrete area that is slightly larger then the structure it will support. The base should be at least 4 inches thick, with 6-8 inches being ideal for a large unit, and it is a good idea to add some mesh reinforcement, to give the concrete added tensile strength, and with ready-mix concrete that is delivered to your door, once the area has been shored up, it is ready to be filled.

Utility Connections

This is very important and you want the electric and water to be connected up, and if you are unable – or unwilling to do this, your local handyman can ensure that the utilities are included prior to the concrete arriving. The supplier might well offer a comprehensive service that includes base preparation and utility connections, and for many customers, this is the preferred solution.

Professional Advice

The summer house supplier would be happy to advise you on base specifications, and would gladly construct the base just prior to the unit arriving. If you prefer to prepare the base yourself, it would obviously save you some money, and with the supplier’s advice, the job will soon be completed, ready for the arrival of your summer house. If you would like a step by step guide to building a concrete base, there are helpful articles on various websites that will ensure nothing is overlooked.

A Level Foundation

Even the slightest gradient will be noticeable, therefore it is essential to have the base completely level. Any builder or bricklayer would automatically ensure this, and all you need is a straightedge and a spirit level. If the summer house is large and has a porch area, it is a good idea to have a very slight slope that takes the water away, and if you are in any doubt about preparing the base, call in a local builder, or failing that, leave it to the summer house people.

Adequate Support

It is vital that the base is strong enough to support the weight of the unit, plus anything inside. One important point to bear in mind is the size of the base, which might need steel mesh reinforcement to give the concrete additional tensile strength.

Unless you have experience with this kind of work, it might be best to ask the summer house supplier to make the necessary base preparations, or your local handyman can handle the job. If you would like to explore the possibilities of purchasing a garden building for any reason, there are plenty of trusted online suppliers with affordable quality units, and they will handle the entire installation process, including base preparation.