The Importance of Wellness in 2020

2020 was a tough year for everyone and for multiple reasons, but one thing we can all agree on is that we all took a closer look at our health and wellbeing and it became a priority for most of us. Covid has hit our physical but also our mental health and even not only is everyone starting to really adopt healthy habits, it’s also about taking care of ourselves.

Health and wellness products like supplements have gone crazy this year. Whether people want to take them for sleep, stress or gut health, it seems like people are really trying to be at the best of their health. Wellness in 2020 seems to be more important than ever.

With the second lockdown in the UK, people are starting to feel stressed again due to the uncertainty. But at this time of year, there’s one thing we can look forward to: the Holiday Season! Although it might be a bit different this year, the Holiday Season is a time when we get excited about gift giving and receiving and when we really come together and celebrate (to a certain extent). And there’s always time, if you create it, for some relaxation too. Check out the Human Touch website for some great products and ideas.

There’s just something about this time of year that makes people feel joyful, despite the fact that it’s cold and it gets dark early in the day, it’s a happy season. 

Holiday Shopping in 2020: Where to Shop? 

This year, holiday shopping may look a bit different. We’re all a bit forced to do it online and it can be difficult to navigate all the different websites and all the different ideas there are. This is also a year when we want and need to be more conscious about where we’re shopping this year.

Supporting smaller and indie businesses has never been more important. Although we don’t realise it, there is a real impact with where we decide to put our money. And while we could be shopping on Amazon and other giants, this is a year where we really want to support the shops who need it. Wellness in 2020 isn’t just about physical health – financial health is pretty important too.

When it comes to wellness in 2020 and gifting, we also want to create an impact with our gift and make sure we offer something special that will mean something to the ones who receive it. TheDrug.Store have put together a great gift collection, with their exclusive bundles with different purposes: help with sleep, stress or even skincare.

This is a place where you know that you’ll make people feel special because their bundles are completely exclusive and we there is something for everyone on your list! 

Treat your Friends and Family this Year 

For skincare: The Hydration Bundle

Our skin can seriously use some extra TLC or else it can become all dry and flakey and nobody really likes that. In winter, whether we’re inside with the heating on or outside with the harsh wind, our skin really takes a toll even though we don’t feel it. That can lead to pretty bad results like redness or acne because our skin overproduces oil… So we just need to give our skin all the hydration and moisture it needs, depending on our skin type of course.

This bundle comes with three full size hydrating face masks, to help replenish that winter skin. Whether you need mild or deep hydration, the products in this set will cater to your skin’s needs, and they’re also perfect to use for an evening of self-care.

The Importance of Wellness

For sleep: The Sleep Bundle 

Whether they are sleep-deprived, they get bad quality sleep or find it hard to fall asleep due to stress, sleep is one of the areas of health where people seem to struggle the most. The night is a time for our bodies to rest, reset and get ready for another day but sometimes we tend to wake up feeling tired and not so ready to take on the day. The Sleep Bundle is perfect for your friend or family member struggles with falling asleep at night or with feeling restored in the morning. 

With the Dodow machine, this really helps with unwinding and getting rid of the stress that might be weighing you down during the day.

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