9 Types Of Rings For Different Occasions and Celebrations

Rings hold a monumental position in our lives. These accessories signify an important event in our lives. When you want to highlight the importance of what you’re going through, you want a ring at the occasion. Some notable events include engagements, weddings, and even graduations which rings can glamorize to another level. Rings are also a reminder resting on your finger of those beautiful memories you created. The best part about owning this jewelry is you can always splurge and buy one for yourself. There are even different types of rings that you can save for occasions or wear every day.

However, the only guide you need is in picking a ring for the right occasion. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, you don’t want people mistaking your ring for the wrong event. To make sure you choose from the right types of rings for the right experience, here’s what you need to know.

9 Types Of Rings For Different Occasions and Celebrations

Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are the most popular of the lot when it comes to types of rings. It’s the best way to proclaim your love and intention to your partner. There’s something remarkable seeing your partner’s eyes light up and smile on their face when you procure a ring. The choice of the ring you pick makes a difference. Some couples like the idea of a giant diamond, while some like gemstones. If you head over to Dreamland Jewelry, you can find some of the finest picks catering to your needs. Whether you like your ring clear and beautiful or have a colorful touch to them, you can find the one for you. 

Anniversary Band

When you hit a milestone, you would want to celebrate your anniversary with your partner. You can choose a big diamond ring to mark years of love and companionship with your partner. Diamonds can come in various cuts. Depending on the type of cut you want, you can have a square, teardrop, or oval-shaped design. There are also cocktail rings that can hold your favorite gemstone that can signify your wedding year. 

Wedding Band

9 Types Of Rings For Different Occasions and Celebrations

Wedding bands are the types of rings that are traditionally plain bands. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Wedding bands are both romantic and emotional gestures. It’s also beautiful sightseeing when your partner wears your choice of ring. Your partner may want to match their wedding band to their engagement ring, but they can choose to go unique. Wedding bands can have gemstones on top of the metal band. They can also have tiny diamonds on them if you like the elegant yet sophisticated look.

The Right-Hand Ring

The left hand is traditionally associated with weddings and marriages, while the right hand is one of the types of rings for independnce. When you buy a right-hand ring for yourself, you’re signifying empowerment and self-reliance. So why not splurge a little and buy a ring for yourself. You can buy a beautiful diamond ring with yourself that has good clarity. If you don’t like diamond rings go for rings that have gemstones surrounded by unique designs. You can also buy stackable rings that will make your finger look glamorous under the proper lighting. 

Claddagh Ring

9 Types Of Rings For Different Occasions and Celebrations

This quintessentially Irish ring is made up of two hands holding a crowned heart and it’s meaning is very unique. The hands symbolise friendship, the heart stands for love, and the heart for loyalty. These rings can be gifted or purchased for yourself, but symbolically they can be used as friendship rings. Though their primary use is as an engagement or wedding ring.

These types of rings are very popular amongst Irish Americans, and other Irish immigrants throughout the world. Claddagh rings are also used to symbolise the relationship status of the wearer. The table below explains the meaning.

Heart Pointing InHeart Pointing Out
Left HandMarriedEngaged
Right HandIn a RelationshipSingle

Promise Ring

A promise ring is commonly known as a sweetheart’s ring. Before you can pop the question, you want your partner to know that you’re extremely serious about them. A promise ring is a pre-engagement ring. It’s a secret promise between you and your lover. You have immense liberty on how you want your promise ring to be. You can get a heartbeat-style ring, angel wings, and even a heart shape ring. 

Birthstone Rings

9 Types Of Rings For Different Occasions and Celebrations

Birthstone rings are the types of rings associated with your calendar month. They are associated with your astrology sign, and you can wear the ring with pride every day. You can get these rings in various styles, and your stone can have different shapes. For example, if you were born in February, your stone would be aquamarine. These rings form your identity, so make sure you pick a style that suits you. 

Push Present Ring                                               

Push presents are gifts you present to the mother for having a baby.  You can also get a matching set for the child. In many cultures, it’s a ring, often expensive and luxurious. You can give someone a present push ring, but it doesn’t have to go out of your price range. Popular choices include monogrammed rings with the child’s name. Another popular choice is a collection of gemstones that represent the child’s birth month. You can also present a push ring to couples who have a child through surrogacy, IVF, or even adopt a child. The present push rings started in 2000 and followed a traditional mindset of rewarding the mother with jewelry. 

Everyday Rings

If you like having bling on your finger, the most popular types of rings are everyday rings. Some people prefer wearing rings on all of their fingers, while some like stackables. If you’re a minimalist, you may enjoy a ring on only one finger. In such cases, you would want a ring you could wear and enjoy every day without interfering in your work.

Diamond and gemstones may not be the best option. Diamond rings can get bulky, and gemstones can become a nuisance. Go for simple plated ones that have a minimalist style. It will also help if you consider your profession. If you work in a job that requires you to wear a glove, you may need a ring that won’t rip through your gloves. If you handle machines, you don’t want them to get caught in a machine. 

Whether you’re a ring enthusiast or you want a ring for your special day, it’s essential to know what’s in store for you. Rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry that complement your hand variously. Moreover, there are everyday events that require rings, including weddings and engagements. However, you can get a ring for other events as well, like a birthday, anniversary, or even for everyday use. When you find the right store for you, it’s only a matter of purchasing before you can get the right bling to adorn your fingers or gift one to someone else.

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