The Secrets to Creating a Modern and Elegant Home

Ever walk into someone else’s home and wonder how they got their space looking so sleek and smart? 

I’m sure many of us would love to know the hidden secrets that interior designers and home design enthusiasts hold. From pleasing aesthetics and clean shapes to calming colour palettes and open spaces, there seems to be a certain theme running across impressive spaces: modernity. 

As we all long to achieve a modern and elegant home of our own, this practical guide below gives tips on how to make your home look and feel more modern – without breaking the bank.

It all comes down to understanding the tricks which instantly give a home those contemporary finish. Here are seven simple yet cost-effective ways to bring those modern touches your way. 

Use a range of natural materials

Nothing gives that contemporary air to a room quite like natural elements, which you can utilise across furniture and finishings. Long dining tables in light oak wood, decorative stone laid around the exterior of the home, and nature-inspired bamboo used for baskets and storage. 

These natural materials all give that element of wild purity, adding to the modern and fresh look and feel. Plus, these materials never go out of date. So if it’s a classic and timeless effect you want your home to have for decades to come, look no further than nature’s offerings.   

Have an extra space

Walking into a home and seeing the dining room lead out to additional space is always impressive. Whether it’s a conservatory to act as a relaxation room for enjoying the summer heat, or an extension to act as an extra room we can design to fill the missing gaps our homes may have, the extra space will always be beneficial. 

You can design it to be whatever you like, be it a home office, playroom or storage room. But to really give your home that modern elegance, look at going down the conservatory route. 

These add value to your home and always appear airy and bright. If you are lucky enough to have a spacious garden, a conservatory which looks out onto the garden and is filled with decorative furniture is perfect for using as an extra lounge or dining room. The more sophisticated, smarter looking designs tend to feature solid roofs, like a Leka tiled conservatory roof. These are thermally efficient and blend in perfectly with your home. 

Look at sustainable furniture

One of the biggest and fastest growing trends across interiors in recent years is based on climate change. This has led to homes and businesses using organic-based items for decor and furniture.

Sustainable furniture can cover a number of different materials, as long as they can be – and may have previously been – recycled or repurposed. Reclaimed wood is the most common, which can creatively introduce a bohemian vibe. 

By dressing your home is sustainable furniture, you could boast an extensive collection of solid teak. This looks great used across outdoor furniture, such as garden benches, patio furniture and garden tables and chairs. Not to mention pieces for inside your home, like reclaimed wood dining tables, stylish dining chairs, and some of the comfiest sofas ever.

Think Practical and Functional

Modern homes all have one thing in common – they feature pieces that are practical and functional, in order to avoid unnecessary clutter. 

The key here is to only buy what you need for your home. Everything should be quite simple and elegant in appearance, with a fuss-free effect. If you’re not sure where to start with de-cluttering and ensuring your home only contains items that are both practical and functional, keep in mind the minimalistic theme

Less is more, and when you look at other inspirational homes or buildings, you’ll see that minimalism goes hand in hand with creating a modern and contemporary style. Get rid of any over-the-top ornaments and lavish items which serve no purpose. Think of sleek, slimline technology and clean, linear designs, such as a modern steam shower, which have the potential to stand out.

Utilise Glass Where Possible

It’s one of the oldest tricks when it comes to creating a modern and elegant home, but using glass in any room of the home will always make a space look more contemporary. This is because glass not only gives the illusion of more space, it also gives off a vibe of prestige and quality.

If funds allow, look at having patio doors with wide, clear windows looking out into the garden. Any partitioning doors that are blocked could benefit from having glass installed to let natural light shine through – as should any back or side doors. 

When daylight shines through into the home, we guarantee it will automatically enhance the spaciousness of your home. 

Introduce Black and Grey Shades

Most people save darker hues for the bedrooms. However, deep shades of grey and intense black are fast becoming popular shades being used in bathrooms, living spaces and hallways. 

Dark hues actually create a luxurious and premium feeling. Dark grey walls and sleek black furniture gives reminders of high-end 5* hotels and spas, so there is no reason they can’t work in your home, too.

Of course, everyone’s home is completely different, and each unique space works differently with various design elements. However, the above tips are a great starting point if your home is looking tired and dated, and you’re ready to give it a modern overhaul without completely renovating it.

Do you have any extra tips on creating a modern and elegant home that you would like to share?


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