The Things Women Do To Show You They Like You


Days ago I wrote a post about the things men do to show you they like you, so what better way to counter that than by writing this post. They say that men and women come from completely different planets, but even though we are so different and go about things differently we all ultimately want the same things when it comes to love – to be respected, appreciated and cherished. So, are the things women do to show you they like you really that different from what men do? Let’s find out.

Sharing Interests in “Man Things”

We women have a bad reputation when it comes to liking anything that is considered a man’s thing – football, beer, and video games. Our involvement in such activities or even our interest is often seen as us trying too hard to fit in and be liked. In this day and age, I hardly think that we stoop to that level just to get on with someone we are dating. Showing genuine interest in what your interests are is a sure fire way to know that we like you and that we are interested in what makes you smile. Next time we agree to go to a football match with you, it’s certainly because we want to!

Things Women to: Respects Your Time 

Another erroneous thought about women is that we are needy and clingy. Really? That is so not the case. If a woman is clingy and needy then run for the hills, mate! When a woman respects you and how you split your time it’s because she is a woman with a full life and doesn’t need constant reassurance or the need to have you at her beck and call. We women aren’t just sitting by the phone waiting for your call, so to speak. If we respect your time it shows that we are balanced and truly respect you as a person … and like dating you!

Things Women do: Makes Time

Not only does a woman respecting your time show you that she likes you, her going out of her way to make time for the relationship even with a really busy schedule is a sure fire sign. Especially if she is a single mum! Being a mum, working, and running the kids around is a big thing so her making the time to send you a text or go on a date is a great sign!

Introduce You To The Kids

On the subject of single mums, meeting her children is quite a big deal in a relationship. If she plans for you to meet the children or even if you both have children and plan for a family date, well, that’s a huge sign! No single parent wants their dating life to be a revolving door of meeting the children, so I’m sure when the time comes that you meet hers it’s probably because things are leading down a very promising path.

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