The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2019

ultimate christmas gift guide 2019

It’s that time of year again, folks. It’s December and Christmas isn’t too far off anyone’s radars. I’ve yet to put my tree up, but I have already started indulging in a glass or 2 of mulled wine. Hey, ’tis the season and all that. If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that even though we have the best of intentions to get our Christmas shopping started early, life takes over. I used to think that getting started early was the best thing to do, but I’ve realised that life is all about doing things at your own pace. Finding your strategy, and embracing what works well for you.

Not only that, but I like to get the rush that you get when are trying to shop for the perfect item to show someone how much they mean to you. I know there are many of you just like me. So grab a glass of mulled wine, pen and paper, and check out our ultimate Christmas gift guide 2019.

Oh, before we get started I wanted to let you know that I’ve divided this ultimate Christmas gift guide 2019 into 3 categories. For the home is for those who love all things interiors. Then there’s for her and for him. However, I don’t believe that items are gender specific so whatever tickles your fancy is alright with me. I only broke them up like that for the sake of organisation and to make this guide easier to find online.

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2019: For The Home

ultimate Christmas gift guide

1. UK Bathrooms £382.20+ 2. Rose Gold Roman Numeral Silent Clock £23.99 3. Beko Espresso Machine £68.99 4. Clean My Space by Melissa Maker £10.49 hardcover 5. Oliver Bonas Perfume Tray £18 6. Marble Coasters £12.73 7. Victrola Turn Table £59.00

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

The UK Bathrooms mirror cabinet is an absolutely gorgeous piece of equipment! I chose this piece because it is both beautiful and functional. I would love to have this in my bedroom or dressing room. I know it’s meant to be for a bathroom, and it would also look lush there, but for me, it would be the perfect accent piece in a dressing room that’s all my own. I would keep my perfumes, makeup, and other beauty bits. The shelves on this are adjustable so it’s a piece that can be customised perfectly.

Rose Gold Clock

You can’t go wrong with a clock. Especially if it’s the colour of the moment, rose gold. Is it just me or is rose gold still going strong? It’s had quite it’s moment and this simple white and rose gold mirror is a perfect gift for anybody who is still on the rose gold trend.

Comfy Plain Shirts

Everyone needs some basic wear in their wardrobe. Affordable and comfy, these everyday shirts would go well with almost any look. Get your buddy a whole bulk of these comfy basic tees—it’s the type of gift everyone will appreciate!

Espresso Machine

Last year, the other half and I got an espresso machine from my brother-in-law. I’m not going to lie, when I unwrapped it I was a bit dumbfounded as I just had no clue that I would like to make fancy coffee, or that I would know how. I did have to read the instructions but now that I know how it’s done I look forward to my morning coffee.  That’s why an espresso machine has made it into my ultimate Christmas gift guide. If there’s anyone in your life that likes coffee, then this is a must gift! They will thank you forever.

Clean My Space Book

Clean My Space is a YouTube channel that I have been watching for years. The channel is run by a couple and their team and they are absolutely brilliant! Melissa wrote this book to compile all of her knowledge and wisdom about cleaning. Melissa has a cleaning business, so she is definitely an authority source. It may sound like a chauvinistic gift, but I promise you that if you have someone in your life who is house proud this book is a great buy.

Oliver Bonas Perfume Tray

Oliver Bonas has absolutely beautiful bits and bobs, and this glass perfume tray is no exception. This gold beauty is just what you need to make your dressing table look organised and to display your scents.

Marble Coasters

Another pattern that is still in style is marble. I think marble is timeless, but it’s been front and centre for a while now, especially among bloggers. These marble coasters are practical and cute gifts, win-win. If you know someone who is fussy about having drinks on their tables, then they are also the perfect passive-aggressive present.

Victrola Turntable

Last but not least, is the Victrola turntable. With vintage things having made a come back why don’t you impress the music lover in your life with this beauty. Not only is it stylish, but any purist will tell you that vinyl is king. Get some kudos with this and skip the Bluetooth speakers this year wrapping this baby up for the music fanatic in your life.

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2019: For Her

ultimate Christmas gift guide

1. Parrot Print Canvas 2. Foreo Luna £39.00 3. FitBit Versa £127.99 4. Essie Advent £60.00 5. Minky Styling Doc £28.99 6. Sileu Menstrual Cups £14.99+

A Personalised Canvas Print

As I mentioned before, these gifts are for everyone really. But for the for her guide we can get started with one of my favourite things to gift, a canvas print. I don’t care what you say, if you give someone a canvas print they will be very happy. Canvas prints are an emotive gift that can be given to grandparents, your other half, a sibling, anyone really.

If you don’t want to give an emotive gift you don’t have to! If you know someone who enjoys travelling why not pop on to their social media and borrow one of their favourite images, then print it up for them, and voila!

The secret with canvas prints is that you have to find a printer that can do a good job. There are many places that can offer affordable prints, but they don’t always deliver. And when they do deliver, the box can be damaged, and that then could have caused damage to your print.

One of the canvas printers that I trust is Parrot Print. They were very kind to send me a canvas print for review a couple of months back and I am very pleased with it. I printed a photo of our kids and it was beautiful. I have it hanging in my living room, and since we are a blended family, and the kids don’t live with us, it’s nice to see that everyday. I won’t share it here, as I don’t post many photos of them on the blog, but if you pop on over to my Instagram you can find it there.


Foreo Luna Face Cleanser

I’m not going to lie, if I got this as a Christmas gift I would be very pleased. I like all things skincare, and the boring job of cleansing is no exception. I remember once I ordered one of these knock-offs online and the thing didn’t even vibrate but was just a manual cleansing brush. If you need to find a gift for someone who loves beauty and skin care then the £39.00 price tag is really worth it.

FitBit Versa

A FitBit for men is one of those gifts that you buy for your other half, don’t you think? I know there may be people who would get offended if they got one from their partner, but with the hefty price tag I don’t think I would be gifting this to anybody else. It’s a great gift if you’re conscious about your health or are working to improve it, so it makes it into my ultimate Christmas gift guide 2019. Remember, January is when all those New Year’s Resolutions come out of hiding so whoever is on a fitness kick will really appreciate this, spouse or not.

Essie Advent Calendar

Who doesn’t like a good nail polish? I know I do! If you’re on this blog I’m sure you appreciate a nice beauty product. This Essie advent calendar is gorgeous! I know that the purpose of an advent calendar is to open up the windows daily during advent, but I like to give this as a gift at Christmas because it’s like many gifts in one!

Minky Styling Dock

Seriously, how many of us do you know that have all our hair products scattered in different places? Hands up right here, let me tell you. I would love nothing more than to have a nice little dock station to keep all of my hair styling tools together. This gift is a winner in my book.

Sileu Menstrual Cups

I absolutely love this gift idea. It’s eco-conscious, budget-conscious, and it helps break the taboo when it comes to menstruation. Did you know that 1 Sileu cup lasts 10 years and is equivalent to 3,250 tampons? It’s a staggering number and knowing that you are doing your bit for the planet is a big incentive.

This is a great gift for any woman in your life. It may seem like a bit of an odd Christmas gift, but it’s really not. As I mentioned before, it can help break the taboo that exists when it comes to menstruation. It also shows you care about the women in your life as the Sileu menstrual cup is made with medical grade silicone so it’s not toxic and is hypoallergenic.

I was sent a Sileu menstrual cup for review so I have personally tried it and love it. There are different options as to what you can buy, but mine was the travel version. It comes in a lovely carrying case that can be taken anywhere. Once your cycle is complete, you can disinfect it in boiling water and you’re good until the next cycle.

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2019: For Him

1. Notebook with Map Cover £8.39 2. Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist £12.77 Hardcover 3. Amazon Basics Packing Cubes £15.99 4. Mistatera CBD Oil £27.00 5. PS4 FIFA 20 £44.95+ 6. instax Square Instant Camera £89.00 7. Blackadder Remastered £11.60

Last, but definitely not least we have the “for him” guide. Sure, it’s not for exclusively for him, but whoever you are choosing a gift for we hope you can find some good ideas here.

Notebook with Map Cover

If you know somebody who is always jotting their thoughts down whilst at home or on their travels, or perhaps you’re someone yourself who loves to make lists and scribble down ideas – this rustic notebook is perfect. Made in India, this notebook’s front and back cover depict atmospheric representations of a map, and the tie cord further adds to its vintage feel. This fair trade notebook would make an ideal gift or just a treat for your own stationary drawer.

Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List

Continuing with the travelling theme, the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List is a fun coffee table read for those who love to travel and are looking for inspiration. Even if you give it to someone who isn’t an avid traveller, they will no doubt be inspired by it’s contents. So it squeezes into my ultimate Christmas gift guide 2019.

Power Meters

reliable power meter for the cyclist in your life makes an excellent and practical gift. Cycling, whether competitive or recreational, has been the hype these days. Not only is it a fun hobby, but it’s also a convenient way of traveling or commuting while serving as a physical activity. Power meters make great gifts for any kind of cyclist. With a reliable and accurate power meter, they get to see and record how much power is expended on the bike and get valuable data on their power and fitness levels. It’s a great tool for training and motivation to get faster, fitter, and better.

Packing Cubes

As you know, we travel quite a lot. I must say that packing cubes have completely revolutionised the way we travel. I know it sounds like a big claim for some simple objects, but take it form someone who knows. I like to keep everything organised and be efficient with space. So much so that we often travel across the pond solely with our carry-ons! Packing cubes is how we manage to do it.


If you’re a regular reader of the blog you will know that we write a lot about CBD oil. CBD oil has many natural properties and you can do a quick search on our blog to read more. Because of this, Mistatera CBD sent us a bottle of CBD oil to try out and review – check out the Mistatera CBD oil review here. Check out the review and you’ll see why CBD oil is a great gift for anyone in your life.

FIFA 2020 for PS4

I think that this is quite self-explanatory! It’s football! We are fanatics in my house and even though my other half watches many football matches, plays fantasy football, and owns other FIFA games, I just can’t help but want to add to the collection. If you haven’t played these games and are a football fun, the graphics are unreal and you will have a very happy football lover on your hands if you decide to gift this item.

instax Square Instant Camera

When I added this to my ultimate Christmas gift guide 2019, I had travel in mind. It’s a perfect gift for someone who likes to travel but complains about never actually printing their photos. I then realised that this could make a great gift for anyone, really. From a teenage son who likes to go out with his friends and document their lives, to a granny who loves looking back at family moments. I know if I had one I would pop it in my bag and have some fun with it.

Blackadder Remastered

If you don’t watch Blackadder you don’t know what you are missing. It’s not a new show but it’s a great one and one that we like to watch over and over. Sure, it’s on Netflix and that’s great, but why not go the extra mile and give it to someone who likes to collect films and series’? By thinking of them and giving them a remastered edition you are bound to be the favourite gift giver of the day!

And Finally…

A little shout out to my wonderful fellow blogger Sam, who created this post featuring PoundToy, a great place to find affordable and lovely Christmas gifts for children.

So, there you have it! This gift guide has been a long one, but that’s why it’s been the ultimate Christmas gift guide 2019. I hope you have found some great and unique gifts to bring a smile to the face of those you have to find gifts for during the holidays.


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