The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Holiday Cottage

A holiday cottage is undeniably a luxurious accommodation option for weekend retreats, summer or Christmas getaways for family and friends. These lavish assets make for a more relaxing holiday experience considering that guests can enjoy plenty of space free from the distractions of a busy city center. A holiday cottage projects an image of peaceful waterfront retreat where you can seek isolation, escape the urban madness, and fulfill the need to get together with friends and family on the weekends. 

Renting a holiday cottage in Ireland is an excellent way to invest your money wisely and enjoy the country’s beautiful scenery firsthand, as well as experience everything it has to offer. Ireland cottages are one of the highly rated and recommended vacation rental options, but choosing the perfect cottage can be a tough endeavor. To solve this puzzle, below is a guide to choosing a holiday cottage in Ireland. 

Select Your Destination 

Ireland is an island that boasts of several great vacation destinations to pick from. So, you’ll first need to decide on where you’d like to vacation before you can choose the perfect Ireland beach cottage. There are hundreds of beach cottages available for rent on Ireland islands, hence deciding in advance can save you time. 

Examine the Location 

Besides choosing your preferred destination, you’ll also want to consider the location. Different locations highlight an unlimited number of destinations and cities to choose from. Before you pick the perfect cottage for your next trip, you’ll have to examine the activities you’d like to partake in as well as the attractions you’d like to visit. 

You might want to choose a beach rental if you enjoy participating in such activities as boating, swimming, or surfing. For those who enjoy land-based activities, you should also examine them in detail. The best way to have the perfect Irish vacation and save both time and money is to choose a vacation rental that’s conveniently located. 

Get Your Finances in Order 

Creating a budget is another great way to make your cottage-hunting process more comfortable and hassle-free. Knowing how much you’ve got to spend on a cottage will not only help you find the perfect Ireland vacation rental, but it will also save you time. You might want to take advantage of reputable Ireland travel websites to search for cottages and other vacation rentals based on keywords like location and price.

On the same token, you can get your finances in order by talking to a real estate agent who is conversant with cottage properties in Ireland. A real estate agent who knows more about cottage properties will be able to guide you through all the checklists before you close the deal. Someone with the right checklist will make your cottage-hunting process easier than you can probably imagine. 

Examine the Rental Features in Detail

As stated earlier, Ireland has a variety of cottages available for rent. These vacation rental homes come in different formats, especially as far as the features are concerned. You’ll have to carefully examine the rental features in order to select the perfect cottage in Ireland.

Examining Ireland cottage features gives you an excellent opportunity to choose the cottage of your dreams. You have to see what you are getting by going through the actual recent photos of the exterior and interior of the vacation cottage rental. You might think that reading basic descriptions of these vacation rentals will be enough, but you’ll have to see the real photos for ultimate satisfaction. 

The internet could be a convenient and quickest way to get information regarding prospective Ireland cottage rentals. Most websites have pictures that’ll help you view the interior and exterior of the holiday homes. You might also want to get more info by perusing through the brochures, books, and guides. Always make sure the info is up to date. 

Make Your Wish List 

List all the amenities you wish to get, including both needs and wants. Listing the amenities that are essential to you will help you draw the line by steering clear of cottages that’ll make you feel incomplete. For example, ask yourself whether you’d wish to have television and internet access. 

Or, ask yourself whether you’d wish to get access to a private pool or hot tub. If so, go for cottages that will give you access to these critical amenities. Next, jot down other things that you think would be nice to have, although they aren’t deal-breakers if not available. 

Your second list could include such things as an herb garden for gourmet meals, or a hammock for lazing around. As you can see, these are nice features to have but not essential at all. You can do without them as long as you have the basics.

With these two lists as a guide, you can be able to expedite your decision-making process by eliminating those cottages that don’t meet your standards. The first list might include the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, proximity to water, as well as kitchen type – full versus fridge and microwave. The second list could consist of such outdoor amenities as BBQ grills and decks, boats, or other waterways. 

Carry Out Inspections

Having found a cottage that meets your needs and budget, now it’s time to invite the professional to carry out the inspections. You have to keep numerous elements in mind when conducting cottage inspections. Most of the older cottages are built on perimeter walls with no full foundations.

holiday cottage in need of repair

As such, these structures might have some visual signs of building movement like cracks in walls. A professional home inspector will examine and detect these mechanical issues with roofs, footings, decks, piers, drainage, and so much more. The good news is that some home inspection firms offer warranties on all mechanical systems in the holiday cottage for at least one year. 

One of the things to inspect is water quality. Cottage owners must ensure water wells are regularly inspected for water contamination. If the water is harvested from the well, at least three separate H20 samples must be collected 1-3 weeks apart. They are then taken to a laboratory to be checked for contaminants. 

The sewage (septic) system also has to be inspected. The septic system must be checked by a qualified professional who is certified and approved to carry out the inspection. If new installations are necessary, then the system has to be installed in line with the UK building code. 

Other crucial factors to consider are access and road networks in place. Make sure the property is accessible by private or public road. Municipal services like fire protection, garbage collection, etc. are also essential. 

Make Your Booking!

If you are searching for the perfect recreation home in Ireland, then look no further than Donegal Thatch Cottages. They have stunning holiday cottages that meet your needs and wants in Ireland. Call them now if you have any inquiries or looking for immaculate vacation rental of your dreams. 


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