The Ultimate Thirty-Something Bucket List Guide


Bucket lists are a fun idea to give you detailed goals. All those things you dream of having or doing one day should definitely be on the list! The trouble is, at our age, life kind of gets in the way of dreams. You might even struggle to put two or three things down on paper right now. Think of your bucket list as the ultimate Wish List. It doesn’t have to be in any particular order, and you don’t have to worry about cost. Just jot down a few things you can aspire to at some point in the future. You’ll be amazed how much it could motivate you to do something awesome! Stuck for ideas? Try this bucket list guide:

Bucket List Guide: Something For The Planet

Bucket lists can detail all the things you wish for in life. You might want to help improve your local environment or get involved in a special conservation project. Perhaps you have political aspirations that can be far reaching? Many people put exotic destinations on their bucket list. They want to see and experience incredible places all over the planet. How far might your wanderlust take you?

Bucket list Guide: Something For Your Loved Ones

As parents, most of our dreams and goals concern our kids. We want to raise enough money for them to have a great education. Perhaps you’re worrying about them getting on the property ladder? It’s possible you have concerns for your parents as they age and want to be sure they are comfortable and cared for as they get older. It’s OK to put these things on your bucket list too. Also, it’s good to see on the page where your worries are and what your hopes and dreams for their future might be.

Something Just For You

Of course, a bucket list is personal and private. They’re there to wish and dream over. They’re about you first and foremost. You might list your most hoped-for accomplishments. Or you might include details of the things you wish you could afford. What will make you happy and bring joy to your life? What do you wish you could change?

You can detail anything you like here, from getting breast implants to buying a sports car. Nothing is too wild, too expensive, or too personal for a bucket list. After all, nobody needs to see it but you. If it’s something you’ve thought of, even if only fleetingly, jot it down. This list is likely to be added to and amended over the years. With any luck, you’ll be crossing one or two things off every so often too. So come on – what’s your dream?

Crossing Things Off

Your list may be full of weird and wonderful things that perhaps you’re not taking that seriously. Perhaps many of your ideas are opportunistic in nature. However, you should be sure to put a few things close to the top that you fully intend to pursue. It can motivate you and inspire you. It gives you something important to look forward to every year. Best of all, it’s a reminder why you’re doing what you are doing.

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