The Ultimate Travel Checklist to Ensure You Enjoy the Trip of a Lifetime

travel checklist

Travelling and going on vacation is what keeps us going through the most stressful parts of the year. Not only can travel itself help you reset and live a more balanced life, just the mere act of planning for a trip can help you manage your stress levels and help you enjoy your time all year around. The more you prepare, the better your trip can be. But only if you follow this ultimate travel checklist to ensure you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime every time you go away!  

Choose Your Destination

Before you can get into the nitty-gritty of your travel checklist, you will first need to choose where you’re going! If you want a more unique or budget-friendly experience, try choosing a destination that is not as well-known. Instead of visiting Washington DC, for example, you can visit Alexandria. Instead of going to the Grand Canyon, you can enjoy Jackson Hole. Just by opting for a slightly less well-known destination you can cut out a lot of tourist traffic. This is because international travellers often want to see the most famous sights since their travel expenses will be significantly higher.

Choose Your Crew

There are three main options when it comes to travelling. You can travel with a group, you can travel with a partner, or you can travel by yourself. All three are perfectly valid options, but it is important that when you travel with other people that you are careful about who you go with. Choosing people who have an entirely different expectation for your trip will quickly lead to arguments. Choose friends to go with you based on the trip and what you will be doing, not how much you like them at home. That way you can have a great time, make great memories, and reduce the friction in your group.

Book Your Flights at the Right Time

The next step is to get everyone locked into the trip. By booking flights, they have more financial incentive to go on the trip and not leave you hanging with any unpaid bills. That being said, you don’t want to overspend on flights, either. Instead, use price comparison apps for flights to choose the best days to travel. And generally, try to book at least two to three months in advance.

Find Group Accommodation that Suits Everyone

When you travel in a group, the best accommodation is a vacation home. As you can pool your money together, you can often find a great place at a fraction of the cost. Simply search on a compiler site like, which brings together all the vacation homes for easy searches, and you’ll be able to find the best place that suits everyone.

Find Things to See, Eat, and Do

When it comes to finding things to eat, see, and do, the earlier you start looking, the better. You can use social media to find things to do and read travel blogs. You even use free online travel guides to create a comprehensive list of the best things to do and see on your vacation. Done in advance, you will also be able to book popular activities and even save money.

Successful travel requires you to go through the same checklist to prepare. Rather than consider this part a chore, relish in it. Planning your vacation can both improve your trip and lower your stress and better your day to day life before you go.

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