The Various Ways Sapphire Colour Is Described

The sapphire has a place in the hearts of many women around the world and has long been used in the making of exquisite jewellery and the blueish-green hues that this stone emits can be best described with the following observations.

Tone Of The Sapphire

An important aspect of sapphire colour is the tone, a term used to measure the lightness or darkness of a stone. Stones that are very light or dark do not fetch top prices, rather it is the mid-range tones that are highly valued. It should be noted that a treatment can lighten or darken a gemstone. Indeed, many gem dealers do this to make the stones more appealing. If you come across loose sapphires and would like a second opinion, any jeweller can appraise the stones for you, using the special microscopes and filters.

Hue Of The Sapphire

This is what jewellers use to determine the colour of the emerald. The majority of sapphires emit a blueish hue, but it can have a yellowish-green tint. If you want to be sure of top quality genuine loose sapphires, there is a sapphire ring designer in Brisbane or even in your city who can surpass even your high expectations.

Sapphire Saturation

This refers to colour intensity and a ‘saturation modifier’ is used to determine the intensity. Grey is used for greenish-blue stones, while a brown modifier is used with yellowish-orange colours. The saturation is one aspect that determines the value of an emerald and when looking to create a stunning emerald engagement ring, talk to a leading custom jeweller, who has the connections to acquire the best stones in loose, uncut form. Sapphires, much like other precious stones are sold at the mine to the big players and they grade and distribute the best stones to gem wholesalers, who sell to custom jewellers at trade prices. Investing in quality gemstones is a wise move, as the stones always appreciate in value.

The Cut Of The Sapphire

As with all precious stones, the cut of an emerald should be carefully chosen. When you commission a handmade emerald engagement ring, the jeweller can show you hi-res images of emerald cuts and will help you make the right choices in every aspect of the ring design. The cut actually affects the stone’s colour and jewellers use this to enhance the stone with a specific cut like the radiant cut, which seems to bring about the best in emeralds. The custom jeweller has access to state of the art cutting equipment and will assist you in choosing the right cut to bring out the best of the emerald.

Choosing Loose Emeralds For A Custom Engagement Ring

Once you have a firm budget in mind, approach a leading custom jeweller with your concept and they have the skills to turn your dream engagement ring into reality. Even looking at loose uncut emeralds, the custom jeweller knows how the hue and saturation would be, meaning you get the best pick of the available emeralds.

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