The Wardrobe Staples That Every Woman Must Have

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My journey with simple living and owning fewer, higher quality pieces is a work in progress. Crafting our own wardrobe isn’t an easy task. Often, it isn’t a ‘task’ at all. Instead, it’s a lifelong and updated (depending on the frequency of your purchases) tally that will accumulate at varying speeds. However, there are some items that are worth having stocked at all times. They will serve as the perfect ‘but I have nothing to wear’ remedy, which can certainly help you out in a pinch or two.

A Trench Coat

Trench coats are intrinsically stylish and light, due to this they work well in both winter conditions and light summer rains. Not only that, but they can make any outfit work for the better and are one of my wardrobe staples.. They simply look fantastic. What’s more, is that if you find the right one, they can work as both formal and informal items, meaning that wearing them to work or a party are both equally acceptable.

We’d argue that wearing light colors are more adaptable than wearing dark or otherwise oppressive colors. A trench coat is quite an imposing item to wear in the first place, and so brightening it up with a nice beige or light blue can not only stay versatile with other colors, but it can help you seem more approachable.


Continuing the love for overcoats is the much-needed jacket. Preferably two of these will take pride of place in your wardrobe. Not only will they help you stay protected in colder weather conditions, but they simply look incredible. Denim jackets are all the rage these days, so having one as denim and one as faux leather can work together quite nicely.

If you’re one who enjoys wearing these with simple T shirts, why not try going for a cropped denim jacket and a full faux leather bomber jacket? These both bring retro style and practical utility to the forefront, and are more than worth it.


Every lady enjoys her jewelry collection, but some are absolutely more fashionable than others. Of course, jewelry is more a matter of individual taste and less of an objective trend, but having one from each ‘category,’ can help you mix, match and accessorize. Having a simple timepiece watch for use during the day as well as a rose gold or golden watch for party time will work well in tandem, and they make a bold statement.

Some jewelry pieces that are new and are likely to fall victim to the short-lived trend include modern chokers, and even ear cuff pieces. However, as already mentioned, jewelry is much more down to the individual wearing it. You should prioritize what you like to wear, what makes you feel good and what gives you that sense of pride.


Every woman needs a good list of dresses for wardrobe staples. You might find that some ladies aren’t a fan of wearing dresses, because they don’t feel feminine enough to wear them. We’d argue that’s just because they haven’t found the right one that they positively adore just yet. A beautiful long dress can help you feel elegant, a flowery dress can help you feel secure in summer life, and an elegant even leg-split dress can work well for a glamorous evening meal.

An assortment of sundresses, stocked in various different patterns and colors, will give you beautiful party wear. We’d recommend that this be the most populous item in your wardrobe because they are simple so practical and useful. Thanks to the length of the dress, they are often uniform in appearance, and this can save you time when worried about what to wear in those pinch moments when you realize your washing from the night before hasn’t dried. We’ve all been there.


Jeans have been a wardrobe staple since the day they were invented, and it’s likely that you already have a few pairs. However, you need to identify simply how new and trendy those pairs are. Standard straight cut jeans do still work, but if you don’t have denim shorts, skinny or super skinny jeans, and maybe even faded, stonewashed or torn jeans, you are missing out on a wealth of beautiful trouser options that can really bring an outfit together and help you mix that perfect balance of ‘punk’ and fashion.

These tips, working in tandem with one another, can help you update your wardrobe staples with the essentials. Not only will that give you the best ability to overcome the ‘what do I wear issues,’ but it will help you feel more confident in your skin, all year round.

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