These Often Overlooked Details Can Transform Your Home

These Often Overlooked Details Can Transform Your Home

When it comes to getting their home just right, most people think in terms that are too big. They think the colour scheme or the big furniture will make their house stand out from the rest. To be sure, taking the time to think about the broader style of each room will result in a pretty magnificent room. But it might not make it stand out as much as you’d think. To transform your home and really make it stand out from the crowd, it has have to those extra details that most people don’t even think about. Remember, it’s rarely the centerpiece that makes someone say “this house is amazing” – it’s the things that they don’t notice straight away that does that.

What’s in a Leg?

You can buy any furniture you like and make it completely unique. How? By getting out your paintbrush and giving it a touch up in your own making. For example, if you have a table and chair set from, well, anywhere, you can instantly get rid of its carbon copy look by painting the legs with chalk paint. It takes half an hour, and you’ll have a piece that isn’t like any other. The same applies for the handles of drawers – take them off and replace them with your own. It’s about hacking your way to better looking furniture, essentially!

Transform Your Home: Hiding in Plain Sight

Adding a few touches to the things that most people only treat as a necessity can make all the difference, too. When it comes to heating your home, don’t just think about practicality – invest in stunning designer radiators and add a touch of luxury throughout your home, from your kitchen to your bathroom. Similarly, you have the chance to add a bit of luxury to your curtains, too. Choose an interesting, one of a kind curtain tieback and it’ll catch the eye. It’s all about the subtle details.

Transform Your Home: Livening Up the Bookshelf

The bookshelf belongs in any home with aspirations to stand above the rest, but your cultured reputation doesn’t just hinge on what’s on the shelf: it’s the bookshelf itself. One simple trick is to paint the back of the bookshelf in a slightly different colour. You won’t know why you like it, but you will – and so will others. It’s like being in a Wes Anderson film, probably.

Transform Your Home: Antique Touches

If you’re going for the shabby chic look when you transform your home, then you might want to get yourself down to your nearest flea market. Antique touches can really bring the room all together. Why you might need an antique birdcage may not be instantly clear, but it’ll look good upon your shabby chic drawers in your living area, that’s for sure.

The Focal Point

It’s not necessarily about buying luxury, but about making the most of what you already have. Every room should have a focal point, a spot that instantly drawers a person’s eyes when they enter the room. It could be a fireplace or it could be a work of art that you’ve built around, just make sure it’s stunning!

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