6 simple things that can scupper your plans to move house

Putting your house on the market when you plan to move house and selling it quickly is much easier these days, with mobile apps and high demand. But it’s never a given that your house will sell or that you’ll get the asking price. Although people may see past minor issues such as dated wallpaper, certain factors are guaranteed to put buyers off. That means you’ll have trouble moving on to your new home or moving up the property ladder. Here are six things that can scupper your plans to move house.

6 simple things that can scupper your plans to move house

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Invasive plants

A garden can be a bit untidy, and it won’t generally put buyers off. But there’s one thing that’s almost guaranteed to make people walk away, and that’s the presence of Japanese knotweed. 

This invasive plant grows and spreads rapidly thanks to creeping roots that are hard to get rid of. And because there’s a risk of prosecution if it gets out of control, it’s not something you can ignore, especially when you’re trying to sell your home.

Removing it requires a seasonal programme of treatment with approved chemicals, which can make it expensive to deal with. What does Japanese knotweed removal cost? Well, that depends on how much you have. But it should be between £500 to £2000, if it only covers a small area.

Structural problems

Six things that can scupper your plans to move house

Anyone buying your home will get a survey done before parting with their cash. So, structural problems will show up. And if serious problems are reported, then buyers are likely to pull out, as people often find structural issues too scary to deal with. And banks won’t necessarily approve mortgages for this type of property. 

This means you’ll struggle to move house without getting serious issues fixed. The only real way around this is to sell your home by auction. As auction properties with structural problems have limited appeal, you’re unlikely to get the money you need to move into that dream home. Essentially, structural problems can be expensive to fix, but leaving them is just as pricey.

Poor EPC rating

Every property put on the market has to have an energy performance certificate. It costs upwards of £30 to buy but can be easily arranged through your estate agent. It gives your property a rating from A down to G based on the efficiency of your heating system, windows, lighting and insulation.

Properties rated between E and G can be more difficult to sell, which is why you’ll want to know how to improve epc rating from e to c to maximise property value and comply with regulations. With energy costs on everyone’s minds right now, buyers are going to be more concerned than ever before about poor ratings. Especially if there are better options on the market.

Although you may not want to spend lots of money on upgrades before you sell, it’s worth doing the cheaper tasks, such as upgrading loft insulation and putting energy-saving bulbs in all the lighting points. These minor changes can bump your rating and house value up a level.

Dodgy roof

Six things that can scupper your plans to move house

Everyone knows that new roofs are a big expense. So, no one likes the thought of having to replace them. This is especially true of potential buyers. A dodgy roof can be an instant red flag to many people when they’re on a viewing. Not only is it a big job to tackle on top of the upheaval of moving, but it raises questions about whether the house may be suffering from more general neglect. 

New roofs are now fitted with insulation, benefitting your EPC rating along with your home’s value.  It costs upwards of £5,000 for a new roof, but you can expect around a 60% return on that investment when you sell. 

Tired rooms

Another high cost is replacing your kitchen and bathroom. But these are the two most prized rooms of any house. So, don’t ignore their power to sell. Tired kitchens and bathrooms can easily slow the sale of your home, and that’s a problem if you’ve already got your eye on your next home.

If money’s tight, a quick makeover may be enough to ensure your home is well-presented. A good clean, a fresh lick of paint and new floor coverings could be enough to bring out the best in what’s already there.

Unfinished work

Six things that can scupper your plans to move house

Half-finished DIY jobs are a hindrance to any property going on the market and selling. It’s off-putting and shows a house in its worst light. Most buyers are looking for a home that’s ready to move into. 

It’s hard to look past partially stripped walls and a semi-fitted kitchen. All a person viewing the house will think about is the time and cost to finish things off. So, if you don’t want your future moving plans to be scuppered, get unfinished work completed before you sell. If it’s a daunting task, bring in a handyman to speed things up.

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