Things you need to do before moving in with your special someone!

Woah! Finally, you are all set to take that BIG step in the relationship where you decide to move in with your special someone. First of all, congratulations are in order for the happy couple who just decided to share a living space with each other. Moving in with your special someone is a pretty big deal in a relationship. It might be counted as a substitute to “I do” even before the wedding. And now that millennial couples are preferring to move in with their partners, living together is basically the 21st century’s new form of getting engaged. 

But before everything gets REAL and you get on with your exhilarating and nerve-wracking journey, did you plan a swift transition? Yeah! Besides finding a perfect apartment and imagining your shared lives, there are a lot of missing pieces to the puzzle you need to find. But don’t worry! We’ve got everything sorted out for you. Here are some important things you need to look after before moving in with your partner. Let’s take a quick look.

Talk finances

Family couple maintains home accounting, discuss plans and future payments, surrounded with bills on floor, dressed in domestic clothes, drinks tasty hot coffee, analyze income chart together Things you need to do before moving in with your special someone!

For the ones who never shared a living space with anyone except their family and never had a roommate before, you need to know that talking about budget and finances is one of the most important things to do when you start living with someone. 

And once you start living together, your budget is going to play an important role in your living situation. Talk about each other’s credit scores, outstanding debts, necessary or unnecessary expenses, and incomes before moving in. This will give you both an idea of each other’s current living situation. Also, after you start living together, make sure you include each other in major financial decisions. This will help in strengthening your relationship. 

Turn an empty apartment into a shared home

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A home becomes a happy home after the residents make some sweet memories worth cherishing in it. And now that you have a place where you both can live together furnish it according to both your needs. So, after you officially move in, make sure you help each other set up the home the way you both can enjoy. For this, you need to adjust to some things your partner would want to have in your apartment and vice versa.

Suppose your partner likes reading a book by the fireplace. So, once you get your answer to the question “can you have an electric fireplace in an apartment,” try surprising your partner by installing one in your living room. Wouldn’t it be incredibly romantic to have a coffee with each other every evening by the fireplace talking about your future? 

Chores are supposed to be mutual

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Dividing chores is the one that maintains a balance between both partners. It is not fair for either of you to handle all the household chores. If your partner has a flair for cooking, then you can balance the equation by doing the dishes. You can also find ways to make it fun and organized.

Wrapping Up!

Moving in is fun but can be ruined if you don’t follow the right approach. The golden rule is to respect each other’s choices and have each other’s back regardless of the situation. Hopefully, these tips can help you with your moving-in plans and get you a roommate for life.

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