Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Friend that has Everything!

Everyone has a friend that is almost impossible to treat when their birthday rolls around as they are usually way ahead of the trends. The fashion and beauty accessories everyone is currently obsessed with? They already own them all. It can leave you stumped and unsure of how to treat them to a thoughtful gift that they won’t already have. As they are a close friend, you don’t want to avoid gift-giving because you lack inspiration. The solution? Stripping gift-giving back to basics. These low-cost thoughtful gift ideas will provide the girl who has everything with something entirely original!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas: Pre-paid treats

A gift voucher doesn’t seem like the most original of thoughtful gift ideas, but there are other ways to gift credit for friends to enjoy however they please. Does your friend have a favourite restaurant? A fancy salon or beauty treatment they want to try? Subsiding the cost of an evening meal or a professional blow-dry can help a friend indulge in some quality leisure time without having to pick up the bill. Listening extra closely will provide hints to help you suss out her favourite locations. It proves that you haven’t just chosen a gift they want, but rather something they need.

A Home Spa Day

Why splash out for an expensive beauty day when you can do it yourself? Stock up on the pampering essentials so you can enjoy a spa-style experience from the comfort of home. Facemasks and cleansing treatments are easy to replicate at home. Treating the both of you to personalised cotton bathrobes will add some much-needed luxury to the proceedings. By the end, you’ll both be feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Gift ideas don’t come much better than a fun day with your best friend!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas: Subscription Services

A gift that keeps on giving! There is a broad range of subscription boxes available for gifting. Everything from monthly wine tasting to stationery boxes! Whatever your friend is passionate about, there is sure to be a monthly gift box to indulge her interests. Subscription services are fairly low cost and usually, come with easy cancellation policies. If she has a favourite magazine, you could treat her to an annual subscription so she won’t have to pay for her weekly reading.
A membership package can offer exciting perks for up to a year. The National Trust or English Heritage provides free access to hundreds of historical locations all over the UK, for example.

A charitable donation

Making a financial donation to a charity on your friend’s behalf is a feel-good gift for all involved. Consider what causes are important to your chosen person. What have they been directly affected by? What issues are important to them? Do your research to find organizations and charities that your friend would be proud to support.
Local charities are often forgotten but could benefit hugely from even the smallest donation. Simply write who and what you have donated to in their birthday card. Some charities will provide a free thank you card as part of ‘unwrapped’ gift schemes. Friends that already have a lot will be moved if you decide to donate money to those in need.

Personal gift tokens

Time is precious. So if you know your friend is rushed off her feet with parental duties, volunteering as the babysitter or driver for the school run could free up her schedule. If she doesn’t have kids, you could volunteer to pet sit furry friends so she can have a mini-break. Provide a set of gift tokens she can use when she’s feeling particularly stressed out. Organise in advance so you can commit to a few hours of help.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas: Cook her favourite meal

So simple and so effective! Even if you are not the best cook, attempting to rustle up her favourite dish is a true sign of friendship. A traditional spaghetti bolognese or hearty English dishes such as cottage pie are comfort foods which are hard to get wrong. If it’s a complete disaster you will be able to have a laugh about it and just order a takeaway instead!
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A cultural night out

Tickets to a Broadway show or stand up comedy gig are great experience gift ideas for friends who love arts and culture! If you two have a favourite band, see if they have any tour dates planned for the next few months. Snap up a couple of tickets before they sell out! For an extra treat, make it an overnight stay so you can make the concert a memorable experience.
A night out doesn’t need to be expensive if you’re willing to try out under the radar acts or independent showcases. Comedy roadshows featuring up and coming comedians are usually good value for money. Lots of laughs for a bargain price.
What do you think of these thoughtful gift ideas?

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