Three Top Tips For Eco-Friendly Beauty

The beauty and skincare industry has grown hugely over the last decade, and is now valued at billions of dollars. Beauty products are widely available in supermarkets, some of the most popular YouTube channels are dedicated to makeup and skincare tutorials. Plus our bathroom cabinets are spilling over with creams, lotions and balms. 

Unfortunately, the beauty industry isn’t only huge, it’s also hugely bad for the planet. And in the age of climate change, it’s easy to see why so many people are looking for more ethical alternatives. If you’re looking to green up your beauty routine, then read on. From beauty claims validation to earth-friendly reusables, we’ve got three top tips to help you become an environmental superhero, while still looking fantastic. 

Buy Some Reusables 

If you’re using make up wipes – stop! These are one of the worst things you can have in your skincare routine. Not only are they notoriously bad at removing makeup, they’re also an environmental nightmare and definitely not an example of eco-friendly beauty. Switch them out for a liquid cleanser and reusable cotton rounds or face pads. Tthese can be bought from several different places online, or you could try making your own. Simply cut an old towel into squares, hem the edges and store in a glass jar in the bathroom. Once they’ve been used, place them in a mesh bag and wash in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. 

Do Some Brand Research

It can be hard enough to find beauty claim substantiation when you’re looking for new products. But more so when you’re trying to find something that’s listed as organic or cruelty free. Tthere are a lot of grey areas when it comes to where ingredients are sourced or tested. So make sure you do your reading before you commit to a purchase. Research your chosen brand and their company CSR policy, and find out whether a beauty product testing company has been invited to get to grips with their products. Even though they might be certified as organic, it doesn’t mean they’re going to deliver younger looking skin or smaller pores. 

Try DIY Beauty

The only thing greener than using vegan-friendly or organic products is ditching the shopping completely, and making your own face masks, scrubs and cleansers. You can even whip up your own cosmetics if you’re handy with a mixing bowl! 

There are hundreds of detailed recipes online. Most of them use simple ingredients that you’ll already have in your fridge, or can be purchased from a local grocery store. Making your own eco-friendly beauty products at home will mean you can avoid the plastic-wrapped packaging. You can also keep up a constant supply. Simply boil some glass jars on the stove top or heat them in the oven, then pour your masks, oils and scrubs in and screw the lids on tightly. No more reading through the ingredients list and wondering which of them are super toxic  – there’s nothing nasty in an avocado! 


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