Tips on How to Host Great Corporate Entertainment

The idea of having to host a seamless corporate event is terrorizing. Some take it in a good way, well some don’t.  While you can hire an entertainment specialist, you need to factor in the fact that this is corporate entertainment, and you need to consider people’s schedules and the all-round presentation of the party. This article offers you tips on how to plan and execute a great entertainment party for a bunch of guests.

Choose a calendar date that favors all the guests

Depending on the type of guests you are having as attendees, you need to choose a perfect timing for the corporate event. It is almost certain that every date in the calendar is booked. So you should use other means to get the best date and time for the part. It’s standard practice that parties are held on Thursdays and Fridays. These are usually the best days to have events. However the date should be well-timed, and you don’t want your event clashing with another one.

This is why you should have to RSVP your guests asking what dates are perfect, highlighting the dates you intend to host the event. The one chosen by the majority should be then communicated to the rest in terms of an invite. This way, the guests basically help you to choose the date.

Choose a location

It would help if you shopped for a location that works for you. The location of the party should be easily accessible by public or private means of transportation. Furthermore, the location’s security should be beefed up to ensure the safety of the guests. Visit the venue every now and then to build a rapport with the management. This will help you to be familiar with the environment and the facilities that they offer.


This is the main attractant. No one would go somewhere where they will end up getting bored. Hence the reason you should plan on the event entertainment earlier enough to accommodate changes that may arise as you approach the due date. It would be best if you planned for audio, video, and lighting equipment in advance. If you are going to involve a DJ, then you will need to have a booking earlier to ensure you have the right person.

Another great option that will be sure to keep everyone engaged is a laser show. Hiring laser show performers for corporate events is sure to be a great investment that will keep all of your guests entertained for sure. 

However, if your idea is to bring in a live band or an artist, you are equally required to put in your booking early enough. Otherwise, it would help if you had a microphone, party lights, audio/video system, amplifiers, etc.

It would help if you had a fallback plan

Regardless of the event, the general feeling is that you ought to always preserve a second option in case the original one fails either in part of in full. Therefore, when organizing a corporate entertainment event, you should have plans if the event seems to encounter problems. For instance, if your original venue encounters last-minute complications to prompt cancelling, you should have another location in mind which you can call and have reservations without prior notice.


You should ensure that you ask the attendees how the party went. By so doing, you are encouraging openness and some sense of motivation. You, as the host, will be encouraged by the feedback you get.

The Bottom Line

The steps presented above are simplified and summarized to give you a comfortable lead on how you can successfully hold an entertainment event for your colleagues or any other corporate guests without facing glitches. In addition to the mentioned tips, you can as well add decorating and food selection. Drinks just like music, should never be missed in such events.


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