Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling

Are you an avid traveler eager to explore the world? That’s great. But are your adventures ruining your fitness and diet routines? Not a good thing! You need to stay fit and healthy in order to have smooth trips full of adventures, so here’s how you can work on staying fit while traveling. 

Limit restaurant visits

Sure, there’s no better way to experience a destination than visiting its restaurants, but make sure to limit your visits and cook the rest of the time. Hit grocery stores and farmers markets and try to recreate some of the recipes in your Airbnb. You can also save money and calories on breakfasts, by getting oatmeal, eggs, soup or tea and preparing them before you go out to explore. 

Have a healthy snack

Do you often get ‘hangry’ when your tummy starts protesting? Well, keep your monsters at bay by always having a healthy snack in your backpack. You can buy granolas, protein bars and trail mixes in bulk at home and always have something to munch on in your backpack. If you prefer to fly light, these healthy snacks are usually available in any convenience store all over the world. Of course, if you are concerned that your diet may not contain everything that you need, you may want to consider supplements such as those from Gundry MD, to ensure you give your body exactly what it needs to stay fit and healthy. 

Take a walk

If you’re short on time on your vacation, you can get away with choosing metro or Uber, but if you have plenty of time to enjoy, ditch transport and use your sexy legs. Walking will burn some of those extra calories you ate during breakfast and allow you to experience the destination. If you’re not on a time crunch and traveling in a safe area, feel free to walk instead of taking a vehicle. Staying fit while traveling can be very rewarding.

Try running 

Wherever you go, you can probably find a suitable place to stretch and go on a nice run. This cardio activity is free, requires minimal gear such as durable running shoes, and is a great way to burn calories and build endurance. Additionally, if you’re a morning runner in the city, get up early and have a light run around your destination. This will give you a chance to see a more relaxed side of the city and get a better view of all the attractions since most other tourists are still in the sack.

One more thing, use elastic tapes to provide support to your muscles without restricting your movements. This is how to tape the legs, knees, etc. when you exercise. Isn’t experiencing runner’s high well worth it?

Switch to stairs

Ugh, dreaded stairs. They are amazing for your fitness, but also soul-crushing. However, no one said that staying fit while traveling was easy, and sometimes you need to take the harder path in order to succeed and get fit on your vacation. So, next time you have a few stories in front of you and your hotel room, choose to climb! 

Use the environment as your gym

If you’re staying at your destination for longer, you might start thinking about joining a gym but resist the temptation. You can do your boring workouts once you get home, so have fun while you travel! You can get outside, take a look around and use that unique terrain of the destination for your benefit. For instance, use those hills of San Francisco, sprint up and walk down for an intense yet short HIIT. In Egypt, you can do the same with dunes. If staying at a lux villa in Thailand or Bali, come up with a nice poolside circuit or go swimming. 

Drinks tons of water

Of course, we all know drinking water is good for health, so don’t suddenly neglect that knowledge when you’re away from home. Always have a reusable water bottle by your side and ensure it’s full. This will keep you from reaching for soda when you feel thirsty. And water is much cheaper: most places have it easily accessible, if not, there are self-filtering bottles you can invest in. 

Opt for tea

Are you not that into plain water? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to give up all the flavor if you want to stay fit on your travels—just choose tea. Tea has amazing natural flavors, it’s full of antioxidants that keep you safe from toxins and it’s also great for digestion. So, feel free to drink up whenever you want. 

See? You don’t have to sacrifice your fitness in order to have adventures all over the world. With these few tips, you’ll fill up your photo album while looking and feeling amazing in your fit body. 

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