8 Proven Tips to Combat Menopausal Symptoms

One of the inevitable effects of aging is the effect it has on our bodies. Menopause, unfortunately, is one such stage in our lives when a difference in the hormonal balance changes such biological functions like the menstrual cycle and even a comfortable night’s sleep. There are some symptoms that women display during this critical moment in their lives. This is why it’s important to have tips to combat menopausal symptoms.

However, with proven and readily available treatments, there is no reason women should not enjoy their golden years. Most of these remedies are natural and cost little or no money to implement. Tips to combat menopausal symptoms include a mix of exercise, a healthy dose of the outdoors, healthy sleeping habits, and in some cases, some of the menopause supplements as well.

Some interventions, however, do require the expertise of a doctor. It is important to note that women experience menopause in their unique manner. Menopause has a different effect on every woman. Some experience excruciating symptoms, while others have only mild symptoms and seem to handle this transition and hormonal change with relative ease.

That said, there are some common menopausal symptoms that the average woman seems to experience on a somewhat regular basis. The good news is that there are some proven remedies to help with menopausal symptoms. They are:

8 Proven Tips to Combat Menopausal Symptoms


There is something about how physical activity gets the blood flowing right and leaves you tired, but relaxed and happy. A healthy dose of exercise is usually followed by a night of deep slumber. Aerobics, yoga, and simple outdoor activities like walking are enough to keep menopausal symptoms like insomnia and irregular sleep patterns at bay.

Hormonal changes during menopause also result in stress, depression, and anxiety for many women. To counter this, it is recommended that you engage in about one hour’s worth of exercise every day. Also, with menopausal hormonal changes comes an increase in weight for many women. Simple activities like swimming and hiking will keep your weight within a healthy range and in shape.

Hormone Therapy

For those women with chronic menopausal symptoms, hormone therapy is a common enough way to combat this. The most common form of hormone therapy is estrogen therapy. It is commonly used to minimize the effects of hot flashes. Hormone therapy also reduces the occurrence of osteoporosis and lowers the risk of acquiring cancer and heart disease. Medications to reduce the debilitating effects of osteoporosis may include vitamin D supplements to help strengthen weakened bones.

Get Enough Sleep and Relaxation Time

With menopause come the unusual hormonal changes that affect your moods. The value of getting enough rest and sleep cannot be taken lightly. Adequate rest and sleep reduce stress and erratic mood swings. As an adult, you are recommended eight hours of sleep every night. In addition to exercise, sleep and relaxation are free, simple, and proven techniques that are sure to keep the effects of menopausal symptoms at bay.

Dieting and Healthy Eating

Good eating habits have been found to lower the effects of menopausal symptoms. Vasomotor symptoms, also commonly known as hot flashes, occur as a result of decreased levels of estrogen. Avoiding certain herbs and spices has been proven to lower the instances of these hot flashes.

Also, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, some stimulants like coffee, and some pharmaceutical drugs may result in menopausal symptoms. Although hormone therapy is usually recommended in some severe cases, a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep typically go a long way in improving your menopausal symptoms.

8 Proven Tips to Combat Menopausal Symptoms

Menopausal Supplements

Thankfully the advances of science and pharmaceutics have seen the discovery and manufacture of various supplements to offset the hormonal imbalance occasioned by menopause. To deal with bone deterioration, doctors usually recommend calcium supplements to strengthen your bones. For hot flashes, flaxseed and primrose oil are effective remedies.

Supplements based on the maca root have a proven positive effect on mood imbalances and digestive problems. The best menopause supplements usa are readily available online for a reasonable price.

Staying Mentally Sharp

One of the most discomfiting effects of the transition to menopause has to be the loss in memory and concentration that a significant percentage of women suffer from. Many women have experienced some sort of trouble focusing on the task at hand and remembering things. Depression, insomnia, and irregular sleeping habits have a lot to do with these symptoms.

Women are advised to participate in social activities to avoid mental health issues. Joining a society and community of like-minded individuals helps greatly. Participating in mental exercises like learning a new skill, language, or even puzzles helps too.

Consulting a Doctor or a Therapist

As we have seen, menopausal symptoms sometimes take a physical and psychological toll on our well-being. Sometimes natural remedies and supplements may not provide the desired solution to your problems. Anxiety, stress, and depression are mental health issues that are best addressed by a qualified therapist.

All told, menopausal symptoms are a natural, inevitable stage in our lives. Most of the time, knowledge of specific natural and proven remedies are enough to withstand the effects of this transition. We hope these tips to combat menopausal symptoms are helpful to you!

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