5 Easy Tips To Update Your Heirloom Jewelry

Heirloom jewelry often has immense sentimental value as it replicates family traditions and bonding over generations. These pieces imbibe pride and joy, but you may hardly want to wear them if they are outdated. Repurposing them may be the last thing on your mind because changing a part of your tradition can make you feel guilty. However, letting heirloom jewelry lie in your safe forever is sad. In fact, your children may do the same or even sell the pieces they never want to wear. You must consider redesigning them sooner than rather later. Let us share a few tips to update your heirloom jewelry without feeling guilty.

Tips To Update Your Heirloom Jewlery Without Feeling Guilty

5 Easy Tips To Update Your Heirloom Jewelry

Change your mindset

Changing your mindset is the first step toward overcoming the guilt about repurposing your heirloom jewelry. Although preserving your family’s treasure is a natural instinct, you may end up wasting it by never wearing it. The thought of your kids selling the pieces eventually is even more daunting. Embrace the right mindset and consider minor changes to make your outdated jewelry more wearable.

Talk about the thought

Another way to ditch the guilt of updating your heirloom jewelry is to talk about the thought. Discuss the idea with your parents, siblings, partner, and children because just letting them know will make you more comfortable. Be ready to convince them with valid arguments if they have objections regarding the update. An honest approach can definitely help you avoid negative emotions.

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Tips To Update Your Heirloom Jewlery Without Feeling Guilty

Retain the sentimental value

Although you may want to update your heirloom jewelry, you can retain the sentimental value of these pieces for a lifetime. Think custom and replicate your family traditions in the new designs. For example, you can ask your designer to create custom made rings from old jewelry with the symbolism of your family. The best thing about converting a large piece into several smaller ones is that you can bequeath a part of your tradition to all your children and grandchildren.

Find a reliable designer

Finding a reliable designer to work on the jewelry redesign project is another way to go ahead with a guilt-free initiative. Look for a seasoned jewelry designer with good experience in repurposing precious heirloom pieces. Seek recommendations and check the online reviews of the professional before sealing the deal. Be ready to pay a bit more to preserve the beauty and value of your traditional jewelry. 

Avoid rushing in

Updating your heirloom jewelry to convert them into contemporary, wearable pieces is a great idea. But you must not rush in with the decision and prepare yourself for it. Making changes in your family heirlooms requires acceptance, planning, and good execution, so cover all steps to steer clear of the guilt. Invest time in research and check evergreen trends to decide on a design you can live with for a lifetime. Pick classic designs you can wear today and pass them on to your children without worrying about them getting outdated.

Redesigning your heirloom jewelry can be a guilt-free experience, provided you plan well and think wisely. Follow these tips to make the most of the project.

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