Tips When Buying Custom Tailored Suits

Regardless of the industry that you are in, you might need to wear a suit and tie on many occasions. For people in the sales and other industries that deal with clients, they need to look at their best at all times and this can be achieved by wearing the right outfit and buying custom tailored suits.

When you want to impress everyone around you, the most persuasive outfit that you can wear is a suit. The suit is an item of clothing that has the proper cut and style to give you the confidence that you need. It comprises a jacket, a waistcoat, and trousers.

When buying a suit that is tailored to your needs, you are like investing in yourself. In shops like The Tailory NYC, you will be able to get the outfit that will make you a blue-chip stock in the eyes of the people around you. You may be a new face in the company but wearing the right outfit when working will help you get into the higher ranks in no time.

Things to Consider when Buying

If you need a suit, you should first know the occasion that you are buying it for. Your daily outfit for work is different from one when you are attending your best friend’s wedding. You will need the classic and sober styled ones when you are working in a formal office environment. If you are attending a wedding, you might want to remind your tailors to put some playful streaks to match the occasion.

You need to communicate clearly with the clothes that you are wearing. You need to create an image that you are dependable and business-like. First impressions often last and you need the people around you to know that you mean business when you are at work.

Consider the climate that you are living in. If you are in New York City, you might want to choose fabrics that can keep you comfortable in the colder seasons. Some of the ideal clothes for the winter months are cashmere, flannel, or vicuña if money is not an issue to you.  Read more about vicuña in this link here. If you are in a country where the climate is tropical, you might need open-weave cotton, linen, wools, and other lighter fabrics.

Preferences to Choose From

When you are going for the custom ones, there are other preferences that you need to tell your tailors. These include single or double-breasted jackets. You might also want to choose between notch or peak lapels. Then, there are pleated or flat-front trousers that you also may want to know about.

The single-breasted styles are for more conservative people. On the other hand, wearing a double-breasted suit may be ideal if you have a dashing personality and if you are going on a date. For men with more weight, the double-breasted varieties will make them look slimmer. The heavier men should also be looking to wear the roomier pleated trousers to complement their figures.

On the other hand, flat-front suits are better for those who have muscular physiques and flatter bellies. When one is the athletic type and goes to the gym every week, the peak lapels will complement their sloping shoulders much better than the notched ones. If the guy is an executive, he might opt for the waistcoats more than shirts. This is because even if he removes his jacket and sits on his chair, the waistcoat will still make him look more put together than a shirt.

Budget Matters

Some people may be starting as businessmen and may want to get the budget-friendly options. Some executives are willing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars in a single suit. Whatever the case, the budget will determine whether one will choose a bespoke, ready-to-wear, or made-to-measure custom suits.

For those who have bulkier bodies, they might want to go the route of bespoke clothing. This is to hide the stomach even better, and the tailors can make plenty of adjustments so that the overall look is striking and well-proportioned. On the other hand, some leaner gents can have lots of options in ready-to-made wear. Their tailors can make slight alterations, and they are good to go. The rack for made-to-measure can also be applicable for leaner or heavier body types.

If one has the means to buy the clothing of their choice, it is better to go down the bespoke route. This is because every guy, no matter his body form is, can design a nice-looking suit. The measurements will be unique in his case, and there are specifications that are made for his needs. The bespoke ones are the varieties that last longer and fit more exquisitely to the wearer.

Fitting Choices

buying custom tailored suits: man wearing blue suit, white shirt and blue tie

Fit is one of the most pressing concerns for many buyers. There are times when clothing fits a man, but it does nothing to highlight his attributes and hide some of his failings. The idea of getting a well-tailored suit is not to make it fit. The best ones will make the outfit produce a stunning effect and a better proportion that will help a man’s figure.

Fit does not mean too tight or too loose. An executive should be able to sit, stand, and walk comfortably regardless if he is at a meeting or in his office. The overall impression should be it was as if the cloth was poured into him.

Comfort is still a key element when buying custom tailored suits. The wearer should be able to sit comfortably without the urge to undo one of the buttons. If the suit makes an executive uncomfortable, it will be impossible for him to act natural. Acting out of character is not stylish, and it depends on the best tailors to straighten these all up.

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