The Top 3 Elements for the Kitchen of my Dreams

You guys know that we have been renters for our entire lives together. I personally haven’t ever bought a house. Which has worked out perfectly as I have been moving around from country to country. Now that we are pretty decided on where we are setting down roots we are making plans to buy a flat. It won’t happen at least for a couple of years as we are planning on making sure we get the right place and that we can turn it into the flat of our dreams.

But what does the flat of our dreams entail? I am all about having some outdoor space, enough rooms to live comfortably in, and having the dream kitchen.

Now what does the dream kitchen look like for me? Well, it would have the best finishes. Marble or granite worktops, a kitchen island or peninsula, and the appliances of dreams. Even if it’s all in miniature it really wouldn’t matter, as I think that small kitchens can be practical and just as gorgeous!

Who says that living in a flat has to deprive you of style?

On the contrary I think that flat living is really great because your space is limited and you have to be selective about what you keep in your space.

If you’re a fan of small kitchens follow my Small Kitchen Pinterest board!

kitchen of my dreams: marble large table.image via The Marble Store

Marble/Granite Worktops

It may be a cliche but I can’t help but love marble and granite. I know that they’re such popular materials but they are popular for a reason. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Aside from the aesthetics of it marble is a great material because of its durability aspect. With it being a natural stone it is more resistant to heat, scratching, and any cracking that may occur.

Granite is also a great material to use in the kitchen. It’s non-porous so it’s very sanitary. It is also resistant to scratching and cracking and the colour isn’t going to fade.

On top of that these finishes also raise the value of your home, which is perfect if you ever plan on selling on and moving up on the property ladder.

kitchen of my dreams

image via

Kitchen Island/Peninsula

My dream kitchen island or peninsula would give me additional worktop space and be versatile enough to also double as an eat in area. It wouldn’t take up a lot of space and it would be perfect for the size of the kitchen.

The one in the image above is such a gorgeous design in my opinion. It’s small enough to be a good size for a flat but it also has a very open feeling that maximises the space and makes it feel larger than it is.

kitchen of my dreams: with pink small fridge.

image via

The Best Appliances

Sure, this is all subjective and dependent on your personal tastes. But for me, the best appliances for the kitchen of my dreams are those that are modern in functionality but with a retro design. I know that all things retro are quite in at the moment, and have been for some time, but for me the love of retro comes from a nostalgic point of view.

My grandmother’s house was one of my favourite places in the world. My granny has moved on to bigger and better realms, but for me the early 80’s vibe is something that gives me comfort.

Smeg is a brand that I love because it’s design is just the right amount of retro with that modern twist that is quite necessary now a days.

My top 3 kitchen necessities are quite simple to achieve and I can’t wait to enjoy the kitchen of my dreams!

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