Top 8 Activities in Goa to Enjoy with Kids

Usually, kids need excitement and adventures to be happy, and that becomes sort of compulsory if you are spending vacations in Goa as it has a number of activities that you and your kids will love to do. Let’s have a look!

1. Go Karting

People with kids should try to go karting first thing when they get out of hotels in Goa as this is one of the amazing things to enjoy in here. You can challenge your kids. However, make sure you take care of proper safety measures. You will also find a lot of families enjoying karting with their children and siblings. This is a great experience.

2. Fort Aguada

Goa has a rich culture where you will find so many things to do and activities to enjoy with your family and children. Fort Aguada is one of these places that attract families as well as couples. You should do some research about the fort before visiting it. If your kids love old historical places and constructions, this will surely amaze them.

3. Splash in Water Parks

There are a good number of water parks in Goa. This can be the best option for a family where children love playing with water. In summer and hot seasons, this is a wonderful experience to splash around in the water parks. These parks can also be used for surprise birthday parties for kids. If your kids are nervous, you should lead and guide them.

4. Snow Park

If you have children over 6-7 years of age, they are going to love this snow park. It has snow all around where you can play, throw and spend some time there. The ticket is not really expensive. It is an amazing spot not just for kids but for adults and young people as well.

5. Spice Plantation

There are two spice plantations in Goa; Sahakari Spice Farm and Tropical Spice Plantation. Sahakari is considered to be a better option. These parks can be really awesome for school kids and children. The organizers make the trips really fun and worth enjoying for the kids. You can also take your kids to these spice plantations for a great trip.

6. Beaches in Goa

For one thing, Goa is the most famous and that is beaches. You will find some nice and amazing beaches in Goa to spend some time with your family and children. A lot of locals as well as tourists visit Goa and go to the beaches for their beauty and great look.

7. Dolphin Tours

This is another thing parents can do with their children and kids in Goa. The operators and organizers for dolphin tours have higher rates. So you have to be careful when you have to book your ride for the tour. You can actually negotiate with them and make your trip more exciting at an affordable price.

8. Falls Tour

Goa is also famous for waterfalls. There is no ticket to visit these falls and you can go there free. But you will need a taxi or car to reach there and this will be the only expense to afford. However, the roads are dangerous and people get usually lost there. Take care of this matter and hire an experienced driver who knows about the area and roads.

Yaya Duran

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