Top 6 Surprising and Effective Natural Pain Relievers

What do you normally use for pain relief? Or what’s the first place you think of when you feel back pain, headache, or muscle pain? Most people when it comes to pain relief think of over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen from the nearby chemist. 

However, while these prescription medications are effective pain relievers, prolonged usage could bring adverse side effects and overdependence. Thankfully, researchers have explored other ways to relieve pain and found effective natural pain relievers that work. In the event that they do not work for you, be sure to drop by a professional like if you have dental needs.

In this article, you’re going to discover seven effective natural pain relievers you may not have known. Many of these natural pain relief solutions have been used for hundreds of years by our ancestors and researchers have found little or no side effects in most of them.

Red Bali Kratom Powder

For effective pain relief, you may want to try red Bali kratom powder. The kratom community reports that this strain works well for pain relief and also boosts your energy. It is named after a city known as Bali in Indonesia. Usually, red Bali kratom is made from finely crushed leaves of premium quality red-veined Bali Kratom. While it is not approved by the FDA, many people swear by its effectiveness. They recommend starting with 5 grams of the powder, packed into capsules or brewed into a tea.


You must have used whole cloves as spices on certain foods and dishes but perhaps you don’t know how the spices can help to relieve pain. Cloves have been used to ease toothache for many years. Some studies suggest that cloves have similar effects as benzocaine gel, which dentists use to reduce pain during teeth extraction.

You can buy cloves in capsule, powder form, or as oil. This herbal supplement is helpful when it comes to relieving pain from headaches, toothaches, as well as arthritic inflammation because it contains eugenol, a compound that’s also found in over-the-counter pain rubs. You can also use cloves to treat colds and nausea.

For toothache, you can rub a small amount of clove oil on your gum to temporarily ease the pain before you see a dentist.


Oftentimes, ginger is used as spices on certain foods. The ginger root has also been used for pain relief for many years now. In fact, in a certain study, runners and people who participate in resistance training reported reduced muscle pain after taking 2 grams of ginger every day for 5 days.

Ginger has promising effects when it comes to faster recovery and reduced inflammation that comes from working out. The good thing about ginger is that you can incorporate it into your diet for instance; you can add raw ginger to teas and smoothies.

Note that even though you can buy ginger supplements from online stores, the raw ginger is said to be more effective. Just make sure you talk to your doctor before using ginger supplements especially if you have existing medication.


The yellow color and exceptional flavor on curry is a result of turmeric. This spice contains a compound known as curcumin, an active ingredient that prevents damaging of tissues and body cells. The compound is also said to have pain-relieving effects.

In fact, a study conducted in 2014 found that curcumin extract can be used as an ibuprofen alternative for treating knee osteoarthritis when consumed continuously for one month.

Turmeric also helps with inflammation. Turmeric can also be used to treat various medical conditions such as stomach upset, cancer, ingestion, psoriasis, etc. Add turmeric to juices, curries, smoothies, and other foods in its natural form and enjoy a range of health benefits.

Willow bark

People have used willow bark to relieve most aches and pains for hundreds of years. This is because the bark of the white willow has a certain chemical that mimics the ingredients in aspirin.

In fact, in the past, people used to chew the bark for fever and pain relief. These days, willow bark is available in powder form which you can add to teas. You can also buy willow bark in capsules or liquid supplements. Willow bark is used to ease low back pain, headaches, fever, osteoarthritis, etc.

Some people have reported some side effects with willow bark such as stomach upset and some have experienced prolonged bleeding. That’s why it’s recommended for adults and must not be taken in large doses. Avoid taking willow bark if you’re already taking any OTC anti-inflammatory medications such as naproxen, aspirin, or ibuprofen.

Better Sleep

Sometimes what you need to relieve pain is just getting better sleep. One source of insomnia is fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition. Normally, when you sleep, your body secretes anti-inflammatory compounds,and torn tissues are repaired. Therefore, make sure you get quality sleep, at least 7 hours per night.

These effective natural pain relievers are reported by many people to be safe and effective pain management solutions. If you want to avoid the side effects associated with over-the-counter drugs, then try any of these natural pain relievers. Just be sure to consult with your physician before making any decisions on your pain management.


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