Top Going-Away Gifts for a Coworker

When a co-worker close to you leaves the company, it can hardly be called a happy occasion, but it does not mean that it has to be a somber one. You can still celebrate the time that you spent together as you acknowledge their leaving with a special going-away gift. However, in order for the gift to be appreciated and taken with the right intent, it is best to get a personalized gift that will measure up to what you know about them. Here are some top going away gifts:

A photo frame

This is a simple and classy gift that will not require much effort on your part. You will just need to get the frame and print a photo of a memorable time, such as a fun party that you both went to.

A mug

Mugs are very useful household items, so even if you buy a generic mug with a plain message or none at all, it is likely that the person receiving it will see and use it often. If you do manage to personalize it, they might just think of you every time they drink something out of it.

A notepad

A regular notepad can be a great gift for an office worker but if you want the gift to be memorable (and you probably do) – it’s best the notepad is customized. Whether it’s customized with their name or just a special message that will resonate with them – it’s the kind of gift that will definitely be appreciated.

A guidebook

Oftentimes, a change in workplace also leads to a change in locality, so the person ends up moving to a different city or even country. To make the transition as smooth as possible for them, you can give them a guidebook connected to the place or region that they are going to, or just a book with helpful life tips. If you think many more travels are on the horizon for this person, you may even give them a travel map to fill out as they journey around the world.


Flowers are a time-tested present, and will likely remain the gold-standard for going-away gifts for many years to come. Sure, flowers are temporary and will someday wilt or drop off, but they are a great choice for a one-time occasion, provided that you do not want to get something more personal.

A hand-crafted work of art

If you really want to go the extra mile with your gift, you can create a collection of sorts for your co-worker. For example, it may be a collage with photos of the great times you spent together, or a jar with notes containing your favorite recollections of the person.

A farewell card

Saying goodbye is a messy and emotional business. Sometimes, you have so much that you want to say, but get lost in the moment and forget. A handwritten farewell card eliminates this risk, giving you the time and opportunity to convey everything that you want to say to a person on this occasion. If you do not keep in touch after their leaving, the card will likely be the only thing they remember you by.

What do you think of these top going away gifts?


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