Top Tips on How to Dress Your Child for Success

For a parent, one of the greatest joys in life is watching their children succeed and achieve their goals. Many of the learning blocks that pave the way to these achievements are actually introduced in childhood. We teach children a great many things; how to behave, how to stay healthy, how to cooperate with others, and how to dress themselves. But how do you dress your child for success?

It may seem vapid and trivial to some, but ensuring that your child knows how to dress and dress well is a life skill worth nurturing. It is undoubtedly one of the learning blocks that contribute to success, so you should put great care into how you dress your children and teach them how to dress. Teaching your children or dressing your child for success is easy if you follow these super simple tips!

Find the Right Retailers

Nowadays, you can find a large assortment of children’s clothes in most department stores, as well as designer clothes for kids in specialised stores. When it comes to buying the right clothes for your children you have a vast array of options. You can shop online, hit the high street, or opt for more high-end fashion. One of the things that my (step) daughters once said to us is that the fashionable clothing was from our house. It may sound silly to say that and yes, it also sounds smug, but it’s quite true. It has nothing to do with money, that I can assure you.

At our house, our girls have fewer pieces of clothing that are of higher quality. The important and harder wearing pieces such as coats and shoes are pricier but last them years. And the bits like leggings and t-shirts are fast fashion pieces that can easily be replaced if stained or outgrown. 

Finding the right combination of retailers that works for you and your family is the first step to laying the foundation for teaching your children to dress for success. And as a bonus, your knowledge of saving money on kids clothes will surely rub off on your kids!

Dress Your Child: little blond haired girl walking in snow with lantern, with red hat, white jumper, red skirt and brown boots.

Dressing for the Occasion

If you are taking your child to a special event, like a gala or celebration, clothes that are more formal are a much better choice. For example, a T-shirt and shorts aren’t apt for the occasion. Whenever you dress up your child, you should consider what the child will be doing this day, and what kind of clothes would be most suitable for the occasion.

If your children are going to a birthday party then a combination of something either stain resistant or easier to wash all the while looking cute is a good bet.

Another thing to keep in mind when dressing your child for success is the great benefits of explaining the clothing choices to your child. By offering more information about what types of clothes are worn in which situations, and why this clothing type is most suitable, you share your knowledge with your child. And this knowledge will help them make informed and independent clothing choices of their own in the future.

It can also be beneficial to compare and contrast the child’s clothes with your own; (i.e. adult shirt/child’s shirt) to impress upon the child that clothing choices are something that everyone should consider, from children to adults.

Making the Effort

For many parents, the daily morning routine involves carrying out a number of tasks quickly; making breakfast, waking the children, getting the children fed and ready for school, and seeing them off. In the hectic morning hours, some parents do not devote the necessary amount of time to getting their children dressed. They simply rush to have them put on the first outfit that the child approves.

Even when it comes to wearing a uniform, sometimes parents just give the children anything that may be clean. You can’t really blame them though, as with our busy lives it’s the best that can be done some days.

Although extra time is hard to find in the morning, taking just a few minutes more to make sure that your child’s outfit is clean, devoid of creases, and looks tidy will set a positive precedent for your child. And help them form such positive habits on their own in the future. This way, they will also take some much-needed time to get their appearance in order; whether it is before running off to a classmate’s birthday party or preparing for a business interview later in life.

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