Top Tips on How To Save Money on Your Holidays

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All of us love a great getaway. Whether that means booking a cosy UK retreat or jetting abroad and seeking out some warm sunshine, it’s wonderful to escape your daily routine for a couple of weeks and explore a new part of the world. But holidays can be expensive, particularly if you’re travelling as a family.  If you want to make booking a bit less stressful and more affordable, check out these top tips on how to save money on your holidays.

Use your points

Make sure you don’t simply allow your supermarket rewards cards to gather dust in a drawer or in your purse. Turn those points that you have been accumulating on your Nectar card or Tesco Clubcard into free money to use on your holiday.  

Points can be redeemed against flight purchases and hotel bookings and can help to pay for annoying costly extras such as airport parking. You can earn points on purchases you make while your on holiday too, which you can then use to re-stock your fridge when you get back home.    

Get rid of the credit card

It’s a really good idea to get an airline credit card to save money on your holiday.  By using it on a regular basis you can earn air miles that can give you large discounts on flights, inexpensive upgrades and even a few freebies now and again.   

Just remember that when you actually book your getaway, it’s best to hide that credit card in your purse. There are some companies that will charge you an incredible 2% of the cost of your holiday simply for booking with a credit card.  If, for example, you happen to be going on a long trip with a family of four people, that can really hit your wallet.

Timing really is everything     

Timing really matters when you’re booking a holiday. The same applies when it comes to how to save money on your holidays.  For example, were you aware that the best value day to book your holidays is a Tuesday?  According to industry experts, Tuesdays are when last-minute deals are released by airline operators. 

Tuesdays are not just the best day to book a holiday, they are also the cheapest day to fly on. Whenever possible, try to avoid booking any flights that leave on either a Friday or Saturday since they can really increase the price of your trip.  It can also be cost-effective to fly during the afternoon instead of the evening. 

If you know precisely where and when you would like to go, then be sure to book as far in advance as possible.  This will give you more time to pay for your holiday and allow you to take full advantage of any exclusive offers that are available, like your kids going on holiday with you at no extra charge.

Deals run out very fast, so you need to grab them as soon as they are offered. It may not always be that easy to find a good deal and book it right away but quick loans can help temporarily

If you’re a bit more relaxed when it comes to when and where you want to go, then visit airline websites and check out their last minute deals. There are usually some great deals available as your departure date nears as airlines are attempting to get rid of any extra seats they have.

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Do your research

A bit of hard work can really pay off big time.  There are many different criteria that can help to slice a lot of money off your holiday costs.  

First of all, check to see it if would be cheaper for your holiday meals, hotels, and flights to be paid for separately, or whether it would be more cost efficient to go with an all-inclusive package.  Try to keep in mind the amount you think you’ll be drinking and eating and what your transport costs will be. All-inclusive packages can prevent your individual costs spiralling.

Be sure to check if there will be any public holidays in the area you’re visiting. It’s best to avoid travelling on a public holiday unless you are specifically going to attend an event on that public holiday. Travelling will be much more expensive during that time.

You’ll also be able to save money as long as you don’t mind taking an indirect flight or going home on a different airline.  This can be a bit more time-consuming and trickier to research, so you should use websites such as Kiplagged and Skyscanner to do all of the hard work for you. Enter your ideal dates and destinations and all of the least expensive flight options will be shown.


If you are going away for a long weekend, and want small free samples to take with you, everything from perfume vials to shampoo, then a good site to use is WOW FreeStuff. Freebies and samples not only make things more affordable but are also absolutely perfect for travelling light. 

Shop Savvy 

I am a huge fan of sites like TopCashBack as I can buy things that I need for my holidays (or just day to day necessities) and earn some cash back quite simply. You can use this cash on accommodation, transport, or holiday extras that you’re already buying from large companies like,, or  

Any extra money you can put into your pocket will mean less stress when spending money on souvenirs or ice cream for your children, or drinks for you and yours.

What are your ideas on how to save money on your holidays?

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