A Quick Tour Of The World’s Most Famous Libraries

Have you ever wondered how the libraries we know and love came to being? This infographic provides a fascinating insight into the history of some of the world’s most famous libraries. 

Library of Congress & The Library Company of Philadelphia

Starting our tour of the world’s most famous libraries in the US, it’s well worth mentioning the Library of Congress in Washington and The Library Company of Philadelphia. The former is the largest library in the world, housing millions of books and artefacts. This includes the 1507 Martin Waldseemuler map, which is referred to as the birth certificate of America.

The library is now used as the official research department of Congress. In 1731, The Library Company of Philadelphia was founded by Benjamin Franklin, and it has served as a library since. In addition to thousands of books, the collection also includes more than 2,000 items owned by Franklin.

British Library & Trinity College, Dublin Library

Travelling to the UK and Ireland, the infographic features the British Library and the famous library of Trinity College, Dublin. The British Library is known for its extensive, diverse collections, boasting the equivalent of around 390 miles worth of books, scrolls and artefacts.

In Ireland, Trinity College’s library steals the show. Dating back to 1592, this facility is famed for its distinctive Long Hall, which housed 200,000 of the oldest books in the collection. 

Royal Library of King Ashurbanipal

The history of libraries is said to date back to the 7th Century BC when the Royal Library of King Ashurbanipal opened in Nineveh. After the city was destroyed, the library, which once boasted 30,000 artefacts, was buried for more than 2,000 years.

Admont Library, Austria

Austria’s Admont Library is one of the most visually-arresting libraries in the world. Its centerpiece, a 230-foot baroque hall packed to the rafters with books, is a sight to behold. This library dates back to 1776 and it recently underwent an extensive renovation.

Musashino Art University Library, Tokyo, Japan

The final stop is Tokyo and its unique, modern Musashino Art University Library. Featuring wooden shelves, glass walls and Japanese artwork, this is a simple, elegant facility.

Infographic - world's most famous libraries
Infographic Designed By University of Southern California

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