Transform Your Bathroom with These 5 Easy and Affordable Upgrades

Transform Your Bathroom with These Easy and Affordable Upgrades

Bathroom upgrades can provide many benefits from making it a more relaxing and pleasant room to increasing the saleability of your home. Luckily, you can transform your bathroom even with a small budget and some basic DIY skills. Let’s take a look at what you can achieve. 

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Replace bathroom fittings 

Replacing bathroom fixtures and fittings which are a little dated or showing signs of wear can inject new life into the smallest room in the house. There are hundreds of designs for taps that you can choose from to update your bathroom or create a custom look. Modern taps and shower heads are also designed to conserve water so you’ll save money on your bill. 

If you don’t have a bath or yours needs replacing consider a stylish, modern tub to revamp your bathroom.  Fitting a bath is not hugely expensive and can make a big difference to the ambience of the room. Design your own luxury spa around your new bath with some luxurious toiletries and cotton-rich, fluffy towels. 

Install wall panels

A wonderful way of completely transforming the look of your bathroom is by installing wall panels. These can be used to cover up old tiles or painted walls instantly creating a whole new look for the room. Wall panels are easy to install and are completely waterproof. 

They come in a variety of designs and styles including natural stone, timber, and travertine effect or simply block colours. The panels are not difficult to install and most use a tongue and groove system to make installation easier. Even if you’re not DIY confident you could hire someone to install the panels and because they are quick and easy to fit you won’t pay a fortune in labour costs. 

Lay new flooring 

Transform Your Bathroom with These Easy and Affordable Upgrades

Flooring is another aspect of your bathroom that can quickly upgrade how it looks and feels. We all want to have that cosy feeling underfoot when stepping out of the bath or shower so a luxury vinyl is a great option when upgrading your bathroom flooring. Or you may prefer laminate or natural stone, the choice is yours but new flooring will always lift the space. 

The design of your flooring can make a small bathroom seem more spacious, create a contrast with the colour on the walls or transform a dated space into a modern sanctuary. Many flooring options can be used with underfloor heating mats for a real treat for your feet on cold winter days. 

Upgrade your lighting 

“I love dingy bathrooms” said no-one ever! Harsh lighting is nobody’s friend either so consider upgrading your lighting to create a functional but soothing ambience. With the right lighting, you can turn a dark bathroom into a cosy space that encourages relaxation. 

Changing the lighting in your bathroom can significantly improve not only how it looks but also how you feel as lighting has a direct impact on our mood. Simply changing the type of bulb you use can have a notable effect. Make sure you have practical lighting where it’s needed for example over or on either side of your bathroom mirror. This will provide good illumination for shaving or putting on makeup. 

Dress up your windows

Finally, don’t neglect the windows in your bathroom.  Your window dressing should be practical as well as stylish and there are plenty of options. 

You can choose a light, thin fabric that will diffuse and soften the light in the daytime while providing privacy if you don’t have obscured glass. Alternatively, you could select a set of chic shutters or a stylish Roman blind. For a simple but practical solution, a window film that is applied directly to the glass can instantly transform your bathroom window. 

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