Travelling the UK by Train & Celebrating Virgin Trains 20th Anniversary


Living in the UK has afforded me with tremendous travel opportunities. I’m still exploring this beautiful isle, but I’m also very lucky to have seen some very beautiful sights. Hailing from the American state of Texas has accustomed me to long travel distances where most of my travel has been done by car. I still like going on road trips across the UK, but one of my new favourite forms of travel is train travel. Fun fact – I had never been on a train until I first came to visit the UK!

Since catching my first train years ago I have really loved train travel. It has become a quick favourite of mine, whether it be that I am travelling solo or that we are out exploring as a family.

Not many things surprise me nowadays, but when I find out that there are a lot of you UK natives that haven’t been to many of the beautiful places this country has to offer I find myself to be quite shocked! It is so easy to travel the breadth and depth of Britain by train. Whether you are a solo traveller or are looking for a way to get the family out and about I think rail travel is one of the most effective ways to see more of this beautiful land.

UK by Train: Solo Travel 

If I have to go somewhere on my own I prefer to do it by train than by other forms of transport. If you’re a solo traveller safety is one of the things that you must take into consideration – especially as a female solo traveller. I like using the UK rail system to travel on my own as it helps me feel so much safer than travelling by coach.

While some rail trips can be a quick ride, such as getting the tube in London, other longer journeys give me the chance to see the country from a different angle. I like sitting in my seat with a nice drink and either working on a blog post or just looking out the window and taking a time out from the world. Some of the most peaceful moments I’ve had are sitting on a train after a long holiday and reminiscing all while enjoying being back on British soil.

Family Travel

Don’t think that I’ve only seen the UK by rail on my own or with the other half. We’ve travelled by train with kids in tow and it was so lovely to see the excitement on their faces! There’s something about rail travel that gives even a short trip an adventurous feel, for children and the adults alike.

Instead of driving there are times when we pop on the train and head out to a neighbouring city or town to do some shopping or even to the cinema. The kids love a day out that includes train travel and say it feels like an adventure. If you have small children with you just make sure to take some snacks and some form of entertainment. One of my recent memories includes dragging, literally, a 4-year-old off the train when she threw a paddy after I set a no devices rule. Mortifying!

Virgin Trains are celebrating their 20th anniversary and set up a surprise performance at Euston station which was enough to bring a smile to even the grumpiest traveller that day! I would have loved to see it, but watching the video of the performance and seeing the commuters enjoy it is quite a treat itself! Check out the video to find out what song they performed and do let me know your favourite rail travel destinations so I can add them to my list.

Would you like to explore the UK by train?


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