Determining the Best Tree and Stump Removal Company

It is now very common to hear lectures about how important it is to plant trees in our environment. In fact, it has been shown severally that trees can help improve the quality of our very lives, making it not just important but crucial that tree planting is promoted and in some cases enforced by law.

However, these trees like all living things are subject to certain conditions that may see their existence threatened or brought to an end. Given this and despite all the benefits they offer as shown here, there will come a time when certain trees in our environments will need to come down.

Because of the way a tree is designed, cutting one down is not just limited to taking off the branches and the trunk. A stump is usually left behind which will also need to be taken away for the task to be truly complete.

When Should Removing Trees and Stumps Be Required?

Before we take any further look at the process of tree and stump removal, let us try to enumerate a few reasons why one may need to remove some trees or stumps.

Removing Trees

A tree should be considered due for removal if it exhibits any or some of the conditions listed below:

  • Too close to a structure – This can constitute a hazard as the roots can extend into the foundation, causing some damage there.
  • Deadly infection – If a tree is checked out and found to be infected with a disease that will eventually destroy it, it should be taken off to avoid having it fall of its own accord.
  • Decayed or hollow trunk – Some trees begin to decay from within and could begin to hollow out probably as a result of the decay. It should be immediately removed or else it will eventually fall on its own and this could be dangerous.

You can also find some other interesting reasons as proffered by scientists here:

Stump Removal

Stumps are an entirely different story. The tree has been removed but the stump still remains. If it is not removed, the job will only have been half done.

Here are a few reasons why you should remove stumps:

  • Stumps are still alive and the roots can keep growing into the earth, causing damage or posing accident threats.
  • Stumps can cause safety risks, especially where there are children who love to run around. They could easily trip on it and get hurt.
  • They provide home for some creatures you may not want in your immediate environment. Examples include carpenter ants and termites.
  • They can encourage the growth of fungi some of which may be dangerous to humans and pets.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider having any stumps in your immediate environment removed.

Getting the Job Done

tree and stump removal

Any of the actions mentioned above will require professional tree and stump removal attention to get it done properly. There are dangers associated with tree removals especially when the trees involved are quite large. So, whether you need a tree, trees or a stump from an old tree removed, your best bet will be to get professional help.

Choosing the right company to handle any of these jobs will be somewhat easier with the following steps:

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Family

This is usually the best place and way to start. Ask around you, you may just find out that one of your friends, colleagues or family members has had reason to work with an arborist who they can recommend.

Perform “Near Me” Searches

If you failed in option one above, then consider performing a “near me” search. This means searching for companies around you that offer the services you need. For example, I could search for “Tree removal Companies in Grand praire Texas”. This will give me a list of companies that offer this service within the area indicated.

Carefully Research Each Recommendation

Once you have received these recommendations, you then need to check them out to be sure of which to choose. A good way to do this is with online reviews. Assuming that one of the companies that were recommended is Martinez Tree Service Removal which serves Grand Praire and other areas in Texas, you will also see their rating based on the reviews they have gotten.

These reviews are testimonials from past customers and will give you a good idea of how reliable they are.

Compare Quotes

It is possible that after going through all of the above you will have more than one tree and stump removal company that looks promising. Make your final pick after comparing quotes from these finalists. You should be able to reach a final decision after seeing their quotes.

Remember to have any stumps left behind removed. Do not just remove the tree while leaving the stump.


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