5 Amazing UK staycation alternatives to a holiday abroad

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Did you know that to have a great family holiday you don’t need to leave our beautiful island? The UK has so much to offer no matter what type of holiday you are longing for. Want a beach holiday, of course you can have it here, we are on an island after all. Looking for a city break? Got you covered! We partnered up with kids shoe brand StartRite to give you a little taste of some of the best staycation alternatives right here in the UK. If you are looking for a UK staycation alternatives to a holiday abroad then this post is your go-to guide!

UK Staycation alternatives for all kinds of holidays


5 fantastic UK staycation alternatives to a holiday abroad

If you’re looking for countryside adventures you really don’t need to look any further than your own town, really. It really does make us lucky that we can pop out for a walk and run into some beautiful countryside. I went for a walk in my South Cambridgeshire village one day only to find an absolutely stunning country park that I didn’t know existed!

If you do want to venture a little bit further afield for a countryside break, how about instead of getting on a 1hr 40 minute flight from Heathrow to Switzerland, you make your way to the beautiful Scottish Highlands? Take your family aboard the Jacobite Steam Train (think: the Harry Potter train) and cross over the Glenfninanna viaduct for your own Harry Potter exprience.

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Giants causeway

Want to take your family on a once in a lifetime adventure trip? You don’t have to make your way to the Canary Islands in Spain to see the basalt cliffs of Los Organos for that. Just get yourself to Northern Ireland instead to see Giants Causeway. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the location to about 40,000 basalt (or volanic rock) made from a volcanic fissure eruption. A sight to behold.

If your kids are younger, but still like adventure, then Centre Parks is a great option! Aerial trekking at Centre Parks is a wonderful activity to enjoy with the kids whilst on your UK staycation. The kids will have so much fun that they won’t care that it’s not a holiday abroad. Find out how to cut the cost of Centre Parks breaks to make your stay that much more affordable.

City Breaks


For me, there is something magical about city breaks. Cities are wonderful not only for adult trips, but for kids too! Is your family a football fanatic and longs to see an iconic stadium? You don’t have to make you way all the way to Barcelona for that experience. Make your way to Liverpool and visit Anfield. At only £65 for a family of 4, it is also much more affordable than Barcelona’s 98€.

History & Heritage

National Museum of Natural History London

You may be intrigued to go to another European capital, like Paris, solely for the experience. But why venture so further afield if you could just go down to London. Not only is it more affordable but you can see a lot of what our capital has to offer as a family. The Parisian National Museum of Natural History is a great museum too, but at £8.43 to enter why not visit the National History Museum in London for free? You will still get to see and learn so much! This is a world famous museum after all.


Torquay beach

Finally, we have beach holidays. This is the most obvious one as we are an island, and we do have beaches galore. You could go to Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, or even further afield like Florida, but why? Make your way to Llandudno in Wales, opt for a weekend in Rye, which is only minutes from the coast in East Sussex, or head to popular Brighton – the options are endless!

There you have it! We hope that this infographic on UK staycation alternatives has inspired you to look at the details between a holiday away and a staycation. The infographic is interactive, so do take a look at this great resource and Pin it for later too.

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