Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

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Valentine’s Day is set aside for us to show our significant other and our loved ones how much we love and care for them. Of course, I am a huge advocate of being open and caring every day of the year, but why not have a little fun and indulge on this day to share your love. We know times have been so uncertain in the past year (and even longer, tbh) so why not just focus on love and those that matter. Whether that is a longtime partner or a new love. In this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022 Edition we bring you some fun items that will bring a smile to the face of those you love, and yours too!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Look, we are all different, but I can’t help but gush when I get a cute gift. Anything that has pretty packaging or can be used in my day to day life is for me. That’s why I was so chuffed to choose some of these products that are just so cute!

1) Rose gold hairbrush sets are so cute, aren’t they? Practical gifts don’t have to be boring. This brush set is cute and useful so it’s a win-win!

2) You can’t go wrong with a handbag, can you? Especially not with this smart one. This Miss Lulu handbag looks posh without breaking the bank.

3) Silver items are gorgeous, especially if they’re vintage. A beautiful trinket box can be a special Valentine’s Day gift for your other half. Or you can go for the gift of jewellery with some beautiful vintage jewellery. Either way, vintage and jewellery are always a good option!

4) Okay, I am biased, but this perfume is one of my favourite. I have been wearing Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue for almost 20 years, and I still wear it to this day. But scent is always a good gift. This perfume in particular is perfect for warmer weather, so it’s a great scent to welcome in spring.

5) I am obsessed with hair so I had to include another hair styler in this quick gift guide. The L’Oreal Professionel Steampod is a great product overall, but this Barbie Limited Edition is just gorgeous and perfect for any Barbie fan or fan of pink.

Who said our male other half doesn’t get spoilt on Valentine’s Day? Check out what we have chosen for the man in our lives.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

All of our men may have different tastes, some may want go crazy for beef jerky flowers for example, so you should give him a personalised gift based on his passions, but in this list I wanted to share with you some gifts that you just can’t go wrong with.

1) Whether your man is a professional barber, or just wants to pamper himself a bit during his shaves this is a great gift. The white silvertip badger brush set from Trendhim is a gorgeous retro set that is reminiscent of a traditional barber shop experience.

2) Who doesn’t like a new wallet? This Tommy Hilfiger wallet is classic and stylish, and it won’t break the bank!

3) A gift card is always a great go-to for anytime you need a gift. You can be mistaken thinking that they’re generic, but if your other half has a hobby like fishing then this is a great way for him to choose what gear he wants for himself or needs. He gets a great gift and you don’t have to raid his tackle box to see what needs replacing.

4) The Sony SRS-XP500 bluetooth party speaker is great for parties or just to have at home. This speaker is a great gift.

5) Does your other half like to travel? This Eastpak Tranverz suitcase is a great addition. Whether he travels near or far, this backpack is smartly designed, is sturdy, and is much more spacious than its compact design suggests.

6) You gotta admit, a sport action camera is a fantastic gift for anyone. So it’s also a great gift for him! This camera films in 4K and best of all, it doesn’t break the bank.

There you go! This is a simple gift guide, but we hope that you find the inspiration that you may be looking for!

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