Vaping Etiquette that Applies Around the World

Vaping Etiquette that Applies Around the World

If folks see you blatantly defying local vaping regulations, blowing vape clouds into other people’s faces, or vaping in crowded elevators or other confined spaces, two things tend to happen. The first is coming across as an inconsiderate jerk. The second is bringing a bad name to the entire vaping community. Don’t be a jerk and ruin it for the rest of us. Instead, use these vaping etiquette tips to leave good vaping vibes wherever you may roam.

Follow Local Laws

Research local and state vaping regulations throughout the U.S. as well as any vaping laws in other countries you may be visiting. Some countries have full-fledged bans on vaping, while others allow vaping but not the sale of nicotine products. Find out before you go so you’re not caught by surprise.

Don’t be Sneaky or Feel Ashamed

Being sneaky means trying to secretly stealth vape in areas where vaping is clearly not allowed. Sneaky behaviour can lead to feeling ashamed. It’s best to wait until you can vape openly. Vapers should never have to feel ashamed or apologetic about vaping, especially if they’re using it as an alternative to smoking.

Use Common Sense

While we could outline a huge list of do’s and don’ts for vaping etiquette, many are covered if you just use common sense. Treat others as you’d want to be treated yourself. Would you want a big vape cloud in your face if you weren’t a vaper and had no idea what vaping was all about?

Neither do other people.  

Ask before Vaping

If you’re not sure if you can vape in a certain place, ask before you puff away. You’ll encounter the least resistance if you refrain from vaping in areas that you typically cannot smoke, but you can always ask if you’re not sure.

You also want to ask before you vape when you’re visiting someone’s home, in areas with no obvious regulations, or inside someone else’s car.

Respond Politely to the Curious

Although vaping has become much more common than it was just a few years back, some folks may still have a few questions. Inquiries may come from both those familiar and unfamiliar with vaping. Questions can include things like:

    • How does vaping work?
    • What device do you use and why?
    • Does any tobacco e-liquid really taste like tobacco?
  • Can I try it?

Have short and sweet answers at the ready for inquiries like the first three. Explain the vaping process, how you chose your device and the fact that certain vaping liquids actually use real tobacco instead of artificial tobacco flavour and therefore taste like real tobacco.

Politely decline requests from strangers to try your vape. You can instead steer them toward a vape shop where an associate can provide more information or even a demonstration.

Vaping is continuing to grow in popularity as a safer and less intrusive alternative to smoking. Being a considerate vaper can go a long way toward helping it grow in acceptance, as well.

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