Videography Career Options That Will Give You the Best Chances of Success

In this day and age, learning how to shoot and edit videos is a valuable skill due to the huge growth in the popularity of the internet, as well as the endless customer base for entertainment and marketing materials. ‘Generation Z’ is the name given to those who were born in the 21st century. These people are also known as the YouTube generation, which reflects the current boom in video media. So, what is this art known as and how can you build a career from it?

What Is Videography?

Videography is the overall term used to label the art of capturing moving images on electronic media and includes post-production activities such as video editing which is a skill you can learn using adobe premiere pro online training. You will have to learn how to operate a camera, and you are likely to be in control of the camera for the majority of your work.

The 20th century gave birth to video and since then it has risen in popularity and quality hugely. It is becoming a more and more cost-effective form of media too, for example, you can shoot a 4K video just from your smartphone these days. 


Marketing is one of the most profitable careers you can go into as a videographer. Video is widely used to create promotional materials, from television adverts to billboard videos, YouTube affiliate videos, and info films on company websites. It’s a great way to increase awareness of a product as well as increasing engagement in it.

Social media is a particularly popular and influential platform for videographers, as it has such a huge following. It is an easy medium to use to communicate with customers as it doesn’t require anything from them other than them simply watching. Plus, videos are known to give more of an authentic representation of a product, meaning people are more likely to have faith in it and therefore buy it.


Although it is possible to build a career in television with your videography skills, you will make more money by specialising in the film industry as it makes more of a profit and requires a more specific skill set. 

There are a number of roles you could have in the world of film, with videography skills. If you prefer to stay behind the camera you can simply be a camera operator. However, once you have this skill you can also direct films, which is ideal if you have a wider vision of how you would like films to be. You could also see a film project through from start to finish as a cinematographer if you’d like more control over the whole creative process.

If you want to diversify your skillset, or you feel that you are not making the most of your creativity and ideas, you can always try scriptwriting too. Most scriptwriters are only taken seriously if they have videography career experience, as it helps them to be able to visualise how the scenes they have written will come together. 

Videography is a profitable and interesting career path that allows you to work in a number of different industries, from marketing to film making. Depending on which areas you choose to specialise in, it can also give you a number of transferable skills that will ensure a long and prosperous career even in alternative sectors. For more career advice such as how to have a fulfilling career in education, visit


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